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My sister is treated cruelly by her mother-in-law

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Askm, Dear everyone, I would need an advice here. This is about my sister. She just got married one month ago in one of our relatives. Soon after marriage, mother in law of my sister started misbehaving and taunts to my sister on various things including dowry, personality and family. She even started giving threats her on re-marriage of his son. If my sister say anything about her mother in law to his husband, he does not talk to her mother and this also comes back to my sister in response of more taunts and threats. Now, she has explained everything to me and seeking help how to deal with the situation. My own mother is not well and she is a patient of hypertension. I cannot discuss this with my mother since she will more tensed and might get unwell due to this.

Therefore, I would like to seek your suggestions how should we handle this situation before taking a strict action. I am very angry and wanted to file a case of harassment and domestic violence against her mother in law. Kindly advise.

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  1. Filing a police report is pretty strict to me. I think your first step should be to speak to your sister's husband and mother-in-law about their behavior. Tell them that you don't accept for your sister to be treated poorly in her marital home and see how they respond. If they are apologetic then Inshallah the relationships can be mended. A possible solution would be for your sister and her husband to move out. If not, then you must consider the options available to you. You could report your sister's mother-in-law, or you could arrange for a divorce for your sister. Good luck, and may Allah bless and reward you for taking care of your sister.

  2. Move out for sure! Get away from the mother in law, she clearly has no respect for your sister and her marriage. in order for the marriage to work your sisters husband needs to step up and respectfully ask his mother to back off and to treat his wife with respect. If her husband is involved in all of this then that will certainly make things difficult. In laws like this need to be punished, my in laws were a big huge factor in my marriage ending. It's devastating and I will never understand why people behave this way. I suppose your sister should focus on keeping a healthy relationship with her husband, avoiding any arguments and talking to him gently and respectfully about how his mother is hurting her.

  3. why she is bearing like this if the husband is not listening, then there is a solution some people get shut their mouths up with the same response, give her the some powerful response henever she taunts. i am 100 % sure she will stop barking.

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