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My wife didn’t bleed…

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i'm a muslim guy 26 years old and am married. i need a help i have a problem in my feature life. i don't know how i must solve my problem may my muslim brothers gonna help me to answer my question.

i'm married from 5 months ago and at the first night of my marrige and that time i put it off my room light so when i sex wth my wife she didn't bleeded and i confirm that why she didn't bleeded and after done everything i never ask the question that why she didn't bleed then we sleep. i ask her at morning time that why you didn't bleed then she answer me that she did bleed when she wake up early in the morning she saw the blood and that i never see she bleeded. it's according to her. but on my nafas thy was no blood nothing even little so how i can understand that she bleeded. please answer me it can be or not?


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  1. If you love and trust her you don't need to see the blood and have to trust her words. Also not all virgin bleed their first day! "Whoever covers for a Muslim, Allah will cover for him"

  2. Dear brother, not every girl bleed on her first night infact many girls never bleed, every person is different, it is also possible that she met with some accident when she was young, so don't worry about it and do trust her, this is such a small issue.

  3. The blood is not important. Foreplay is everything.
    Do not worry about such little issues. There is nothing wrong with you or her. She said she bled, believe her and move on.

  4. Dear brother Ali,
    Scholars Say that if some one face the situation like you faced he must not think evil for his wife because it's Shari'a rule that "Certainty does not go away with Uncertainty".
    it means that no one is allowed to blame some one because of uncertainty. you have doubt just because of not bleeding. remember that some girls bleed in their childhood accidentally while playing like Jumping or because of falling and got injured as physicians say. other sisters also confirmed that some girls don't bleed on first night or they never bleed. there fore you are suppose to clear your mind. This is your illusion. and trust her as she says that she bleeded in morning you should trust her this is what our Deen Guide us and enjoy your life.
    in the end, if she got hurt through your being dubious then you should ask her for forgiveness and assure her that you love her and trust her. those who be humble for the sake of Allah, Allah raise their status and rank.

  5. One possible explanation may be hymen agenesis. This means that she never had a hymen, it never developed in the first place when she was still an embryo - just like some people who are born with only one kidney, or without a gall bladder, for example.
    In this case she could still be a virgin in the sense that she never had intercourse, but never bleed because of never having had a hymen.
    She may be ashamed to admit not having bled due to the cultural belief of having bled being a proof of virginity, while in reality it is not. She may fear being accused of zina, divorce and public shame, so she of course has very strong reasons to claim that she has bled.

  6. Bleeding has nothing to do with virginity. Hymen can break without bleeding ... hymen can also break without any type of sexual contact. The opening of a hymen is different on every woman.
    I was a virgin, hadnt even touched a non-mehram man before, but I didnt bleed. Alhamdolillah my husband was a secure and confident logical man. He didnt even try looking at the bedsheet or asking me astaghfarullah to see if there was any blood. If he had, I would have kicked his ass and asked for a certificate of virginity from HIM. Been married for 12 year now ALHAMDOLILLAH ... 2 kids MashaAllah ... every day with my amazing husband is a blessing.

    Please seek forgiveness from Allah for doubting your muslim lawful wife. NEVER think such bad thoughts again, they are temptation from Shaytaan. And dont ever let your wife think you are doubtful of her, she will loose all love and respect for you. Also ask forgiveness from your wife if you have already made her feel scared and upset because of your untrustworthy attitude.

    Have a good happy married life, dont focus on idiotic things.

  7. Your stupid fool of a Islamic brother and I’m ashamed to be associated with such people although our religion binds us. Where is it written that all women bleed on first night. Every woman is different and what stories you hear are complete rubbish.
    Is it not enough to take the word of your partner and trust and believe her. What could of person are you to put such matters of unimportant ahead of your future wife and partner who I might add is a blessing from Allah

    Be a man see all the other signs that prove her purity as a woman.

    • Mansoor, there is no reason or excuse for cursing at the brother and calling him names. He merely needs to be educated. If you cannot post helpful, kind comments then you have no business on this website. You're on mod status and if I see such abuse again you will be banned.

      Wael Editor

  8. Some girls didn’nt bleeds but sometimes bleeds when they pee so don’t worry trust is everything

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