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My wife have caught of extra marital affair and confessed all to me. What should I do now?

Man with guilty woman in the background (cheating)

I have a 6 yrs long married life. we have 4yrs old son. recently my wife involved in a emotional relationship with a married man. they communicate over facebook, whatsapp etc. Recently she got caught while chating with that man, she confessed to all the stories regretfully. she also confessed to that they involved in sexual relation only once. She tried several times to end relation but the man denied to end. Moreover, the started to threat her to flash the stories of affair in society. Now, she feel very guilty and promise me to she will cut all kind of commication with him gradually. She want my help to do so and beg little more time. She beg to trust her as past. I can't deny that still I love her. Because, She is always very sincere to me, even she was in the relationship with the man. She is executive in company. She always sincere about his son and husband. Even I couldn't believe myself I came to allknow of this. She seem very repentant and doing salat every day. However, the man still communicate her and she avoid. But she had to response sometimes out of fear. I also talked to that man asked him to not try her. But, he continues and disturbing my wife. My question is what should I do in this situation. Am I doing wrong. Is Islam support that I accept my wife after knowing all?


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  1. In Islam all form of forgiveness is seen as being very humble and having taqwa.

    First of your wife should realise just how foolish and selfish she has been in what she has done, considering the fact you both have a child together and that you are her husband should normally be more than enough for her to be sincere with you and not to have engaged in such unfaithful and insincere acts.

    There is a saying, if some one had done something once, they cant be trusted that they wont do it again!

    I am not suggesting this is going to be the case with your wife, but only you can decide how faithful she is likely to be to you as you know her better than any one.

    If she has been repenting and asking for your forgiveness I would advice this may be the most sensible thing to do considering you have a child with her so staying together will always be the right thing to do for the sake of your child's future.

    Wishing you all the best, and hope everything turns out well for you

  2. This is very complicated situation for you and you need to handle it properly .

    Few points

    1)If this guy is forcing your wife to communicate and meet then she needs to file a police complaint .

    2)Unfortunately for you she has cheated you and now she looks like repentant not because of fear of Allah or wrong doings but because of other guy threatened to flash her sins to the world (relationship going wrong)

    There are few people in the world who keeps praying salah and all and also keeps doing wrong things .

    You need to keep a close watch on her and if caught her again or if you feel now itself you can't forgive then separate out .

    Unfortunately once a trust is broken its difficult to restore it back .Now whole life you might suspect her even for a small doubt .. So you need to decide what you can do .

    As per Islam even if she has slept with other guy your nkah is not broken but she has done grave sin of Zina .If she is sincere about repentance and became good muslimah then you can keep her but again the similar cheating or bad way continues then its best for you to divorce her as islam hates cuckold husbands who will tolerate wife's adultery due to thier own reasons .

  3. It's your choice bro.i respect you ..Allah very big test..but any women who works in this type of field..were the men are wolves the environment is weak.your wife is a desert..makes sense .It is said if there is no BLESSINGS baraah peace of mind in home ..then you should change the door to the understand.. .you see if this women is not praying 5 TIMES A DAY AND fearful of Allah her life when she dies..then you failed...both of the worlds...This women did not think twice that haram and despicable act that Allah disliked...i find it hard to believe anything she says...because the love of money and LUST are prevalent in society big time

  4. As salaam alikum .. Brother its better if you give a complain in the police station first . . And then you pray allah wil help you.. Forgive her if she really has repented.. May allah bless you and your family

  5. Trust her and give her sometime

  6. As Salaamu Alaykum.

    You need to go to the Police,there is no other way and now about that affair what your Wife has in the past.
    First of all she have done one of the biggest sins in Islam,it is very worse,because where you live is not a Muslim Country so she dont get a punish but after Sharia she have to be stoned to Death,but like i says that will not apply in that case because you dont live in a Muslim Country,but if she was forced to have sexual intercouse with that Man than of course that is a different Story,because she was than forced and is not guilty but if she have done that now without force give her Talaq,but first talk t Mufti/Sheikh(who can give Fatwas)and ask him what to do.
    but Allahu Alam.

  7. I agree, go to the police and report him for blackmailing. Most likely, little cowards like this man will stop their nonsense once the police gets involved.

    Also, isn't he married himself? Maybe blackmail him back, lol. You're not the only ones that have something to lose. In fact, he may have more to lose if his wife doesn't know what he's been up to with your wife.

  8. Dude, man up. If you cant stand for your wife / honor then what for? Take charge of situation and speak with the guy. Make him know if you see his shadow anywhere close to your wife, you will take him to the cleaner.

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