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My Wife left Islam temporarily

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Asslam o Alikum, i met a girl on internet. After being in contact she decided to convert to Islam. We got married but after a year, she left Islam. She didnt knew much about islam and i didnt teach her much. so what happen to our marriage, she came back to islam after 7 months, and now she is practicing islam much more, she reads Quran, she says her prayer, and try to learn.  Do i have to marry her again?


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  1. speak to a sunni mufti or Alim br. one more thing dont force her and dont act if you know it all. Be simple and patient and learn and practice much

  2. Encourage to go meet up with sisters at mosques. there she will meet and learn and be in a enviroment that will protect her deen

  3. Yes, you can marry her again Insha'Allah. Be patient with her, teach her, and have a good life.

    Wael Editor

  4. No, you don't have to marry her again.
    Man allowed to marry non moslem - because the man is the leader - expecting you - Leading her as a moslem leader - and change her to become a moslem.

    Different with woman, they may not take a leader beside moslem - that's why - not allowed to sisters to marry non moslem man (it's the same with the rule of choosing a leader in organisation/country which actually not allowed to choose beside moslem).

    If your case happened to a moslem sister, they are difforce at the same time the husband speak out "he is not a moslem" or "refuse to become a moslem".

    They are neither allowed to sleep together nor seeing her "wife" without hijab and jilbab.

    He got 3 months to change his mind - become a moslem - and do syahadah - and re- married her again.

    In your case - you don't have to re- married her again. But it's your duty to teach her about Islam.

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