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Nabi Booti plant to help conceive?

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?


I bought Nabi Booti from Madina, Saudi Arabia for someone I know. I was told that its to help women conceive. I am not sure if it should be used and if so than how it should be used.

- Tahira

Wael's Answer:

Dear Tahira, As-salamu alaykum,

The mystery continues. Back in June 2009 someone asked, "Does the Maryam Booti" work?" She wanted to know if this plant which grows in Arabia can help pregnant women with their delivery. At the time I searched the internet exhaustively and found almost nothing. I also asked my parents, who are both botanists and used to lecture at the University of Riyadh, but they were not familiar with maryam booti. My father thought he had heard of it before, but not in the context of pregnancy.

Now here you are, asking if the "Nabi Booti" can help women to conceive. I have to believe that this is probably the same plant with different names. Again, I searched the internet and found absolutely nothing.

Clearly this is a plant used in traditional medicine to help with some aspect of pregnancy, whether it's conception, pregnancy itself or delivery. We need someone who is knowledgeable about the use of Arabian plants in traditional medicine to answer this question.

Does anyone have more information about this?

I have written to a professor of medical science at the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine, to ask for information. I will update here if I get a response, Insha'Allah.

Meanwhile, please read Sister Noorah's excellent answer, published only a few days ago, to this question,. "Dua for starting pregnancy? Recommended way to conceive?"

And Allah knows best.

If any readers have some additional advice for this questioner, feel free to post your comments below.

(O Allah), Guide us to the straight path; The path of those whom you have favored; Not those with whom you are angry; Nor those who go astray.

Best regards,

- Wael Hesham Abdelgawad, Editor Marriage Advice Muslim Matrimonial Service

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  1. I have mariyum ku boot n nabi ki booti as well , mariyum booti use for labours n nabi booti for conception ,in my house my sis n law use this nabi ki booti for conception she had success and her sis n law tried she concieve in first attempt

  2. Do we need to grind the leaves only or the stems as well??
    And I have been told that both the husband and the wife needs to take it..kindly guide me with that

  3. Kindly reply to my queries

    • I don't know about boti but if u pray 2 raka't Nafal and after salam Recite aya of sura Maryam Rabbi la taZarni fardan wa anta Khair ul wariseen.

      • Assalamualaikum every one. I am a resident in Madinah. I hope this message finds you well, this nabi booti and Mariam boori are two different things. Nabi booti is used for conception and the Mariam booting is used for the labor. Nabi booti is either in the form of leaves or powder, and you can find it anywhere in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The nabi boot ios to be used only by the females. If it is on the form of leaves take a quarter teaspoon of the leaves and crush them into a fine powder . Add these crushed leaves into half a glass of milk and drink it in the morning before you eat or drink anything(fasting). This is to be taken right after the women is clean from her mensus. Example- if 1st is the date most women are clean by the 7th, so you start eating this from the 8th day morning for seven days exactly and them leave. Then leave a week and eat again for seven days ( alternate weeks). EAt for two weeks each month following the procedure until you are pregnant ,inshallah you will concieve soon.

        • I live in rabigh..
          I brought nabi booti from madina ..
          All i want is that what is the significance of using alternatively ?
          Cant i use continously until i concieve

          • Mariym booti / Nabi buty ki jo khususiyt hai jaise ki pani milte hi khulna is sifat ko jodkar shrink kidny ke liye istmal kiya jaye to asrdar sabit hogi? Kya isprar risrch
            Ho sakta?

        • ap ny kha nabi booti leaves main hoi but jo main ny mngwai ha wo to phool main ha jisko a maryium boti bol rhi ho ...mjy chahy cnciv krny k lye ...plz mjy rply kr dain sae sy guid kr dain ....:)

          • Nabi boti pic is available on is usually in form of dried leaves of green color and marysm.boti is like flower of color of dried stem.
            I purchased it from ohad mountain.nabi boti is used for conceiving and marym boti for labor

        • Hi
          Dear Khan Bhai

          What you said; I also being told the same procedure while buying Nabi butti from madina

        • assalam alikum , nabi booti its a leaves found in madina.near hud jabal hud market.
          we should take it on 8th day cuntinue till 14th dan 7 days gap den do as same na.

        • Thanks for your valuable information about two types booti, I was confused that those booti may be same but now I m clear so thanks n may Allah bless u.

        • Jazak Allah
          i have one question more my dr said that my both falcun tubes are blocked but my eggs are continually working..
          can i also use this.....?

        • Assalamualaikum... can you please send me Nabi booti ... I really need it urgent...

        • Salaam
          Can v use this boti in water like boiling the water with leaves until it's color changes then pour it n drink ? Or v use only in the milk like u said !
          Please reply me fast I'm trying to conceive

      • This ayat is from surah ambiyah .

  4. Asalamoalikum
    Plz can anyone say me I'm getting irregular periods so can I take nabi booti in normal days not just after periods

  5. Dear sisters,

    I am living in US and Inshallah baby is due for July this year. I have a request. Is it possible for any of the sister to send me Maryam booti to US? I am willing to pay for the shipment and whatever it cost to get it. Jazakallah

    • salaams I have the bibi maryam flower. Please let me know your details and I will mail it to you. I am in the US too.

  6. HELLO sisters. I live in kenya. Have been trying to conceive for 10yrs now. I got pregnant 3 months back, but I miscarried last week. Plz can anyone send me this nabi booti here. I am ready to pay for the transport and the parcel charge. Will be glad. Shukran

  7. mujy jo nabi booti mili ha wo phool typ ha ,,,,,but kuch khty hain wo paton typ main hoti hai kindly mjy koi btaye ga k exct nabi boti kon c ha 🙁

  8. Hello i want to know is zis plant for non muslim

    • Inshallah it will help you also. .allah has mercy on all his creation and it will help you..just make prayer and wish to allah that he grant you pious children

      • Assalamalikum Sidaal I stay in India i want to buy Nabi Booti is there a way that you can send it to india via courier am ready to pay the charges bz its more than 4 yrs we are planning for a kid but nothing has worked out and is there any medicine for men too request you to kindly help me out you can watsapp me on +916361904229

  9. Dipika, if you would like to try this product you are welcome to try it. We believe that life is in the hands of Allah swt ultimately.

    To the rest the it necessary to add nabi booti to milk? Also, is it necessary to take it first thing in the morning?

    I look forward to your response.

    • So wat should i do to get z nabi booti bkoz am frm mauritius n am a hindu and it has been 6 yrs i dnt hve kid yet plz help me

      • Hi,

        I have some nabi booti if you are interested.

        • Aslamalikum have u got Nabi Ki Booti can u send me it

          • Assalamualaikum, I am stayin in medinah alhumdlillah and I will send it to anyone and everyone without charging extra..just for the sake of Allah swt
            Whatsapp +966572044082
            If you know someone from your city coming to umrah its better to send with them as the courier or postal fees will be too high..
            Nabi booty retails for around 60 riyals per kg in herbal shops.
            The sellers at ziyarat sites sell it for higher to make profit off visitors...
            Pls contact me for sending you all nabi booty or maryam booti
            My whatsapp is +966572044082

      • Hi dipika ...I'm from MAURITIUS too if you have Muslim friends or neighbors ask them they might help you for that coz lots of people just came back from pilgrimage try...

  10. Can anyone please send me Maryam Booti and Nabi booti to india.(Hyderabad).
    I will be very thankfull and appreciate.
    Allah Bless You..

  11. As-salaam-alaikum,
    I was told by the lady who sold nabi booti that one packet should be divided into seven equal parts after grinding them. You need to start from the 8th day when your periods ends. Boil one part in milk and drink lukewarm before bed. This boti is only for women, there is different boti for men which I don't know the name.

  12. Asslamo-Alaikum kis time shuru krna chahiye I mean month k bichme ya kbhi bhi ya oeriods k bd

  13. Is Ko to mryam boti khty ha
    Kya mryam boti aur nabi boti same ha

  14. Asak...Plz let me knw if Nabi booti can b taken during pregnancy for successful pregnancy as i had Twin boys misscarriage in 7th mth recently...plz help me want to knw if i can take while m preg for successful pregnancy.

  15. I'm in uk so please if there is anyone that has the nabi booti or can get me some I will be very grateful and inshallah allah swt will give them all the happiness & shower them with endless blessings... ameen

  16. Mariyum Booti and Nabi Booti are different things

  17. Which boti for use baby boy plz any one ans me ?

  18. Assalamu alaikum I have nabibooti bt i don't know how to use I m trying to concievd plz help if any one know abt it

    • Asslam o Alaikum
      Nabi booti can use for conceiving. Few leaves boil in milk and drink before breakfast.this need to start after finished the periods.this needs to drink for 7 days and then stop drinking for 7 days. Again start to drink for 7 days.every month need to drink 14 days.
      I have read this information upper i hope it will u. InshaAllah i will also start next month.
      Plz some one can send me in london.i will pay u.
      JazakAllah khair

      • Aswk... Mrs Khan ... are u still looking for it ? I may come to UK next month ...if u interested then I will bring for u too ...or will send u thru courier. Me too heard many successful stories regarding Nabi booty and want to give try. Being married for 5 yrs without child is really painfully experience for me. Will send u too. Hope we have child next year in sha Allah.

  19. Subhan allah

  20. so what are the benefits of the plant, What benefits does it give to the reproductive system?

  21. This nabi booti is different its a herb ... Supposed to be made a tea out of an then used by women .... I read a reference about it relating it to Rasool Allah sallah o allehay wasalam .. but dont know its authenticity

  22. For ladies we use this. What about gents?he have problem means?

  23. My neighbor used this. While she was in hospital giving birth my mum was told to place the plant in water and pray. This helped her with the delivery. Well that’s what I hear

  24. Aslm

    I have recently just purchased nabi booti leaves from Madina.
    I boil in water everyday as the salesmen advised to drink it the way we make tea.
    Should I be using milk instead?
    Is there really a difference?

  25. Aslamalykum yes it worked for me Alhmdulila,I soaked the Maryam pool in water and drank the water for about 40 days,I got pregnant and in June 2009 I had a baby boy.. Alhmdulila..have faith and believe..x

    • Thank you for the response.

      @Nazia, Did you drink the water even during your menses?

      So far it has not worked for me. But I will not lose faith.

    • Assalamualaikum... Can u tell me more pls... What time you took it .. how much .. pls.. I have many health issues .. the doctors have nothing... If u would tell me the steps to take this... Inshallah maybe I will have shifa... Jazakallahukhair...

      • Dear they are many ways of taking it ...solve all ur health issues by consulting doctor or start having herbal medinciens..and this booti can also be taken after completing 7 days of ur menstrual cycle from 8th day grind the booti without water make 7 portions of it and daily before going to bed take it with goat milk doing the niyath for baby .
        And make sure these 7 days u don't intimate with ur husband After 7days of taking from 8th day u can get close to ur husband
        IaInsha All may Allah help u all the best

        • Thank u... I will try ... I m going to hospital also... But they don't have a solution.. ivf is too expensive ... ..hope this works... Maryam phool was told to me by my friend.... So I asked people to buy it for me in Saudi ... I m in I will use it ... Inshallah .. I will have shifa ... Ameen... Jazakallahukhair...

          • Was clomid given to u? Have u gone through HSG test? And u can also try IUI it's not that costly hardly 4k or below 10 I suppose...
            Don't loose hope iaInsha All you will be blessed soon

          • Were you the one who contacted to me to send it to kolkata?
            Pls update me if it has reached you already

    • Assalamualaikum… Can u tell me more pls… What time you took it .. how much .. pls.. I have many health issues .. the doctors have nothing… If u would tell me the steps to take this… Inshallah maybe I will have shifa… Jazakallahukhair

  26. The Maryam flower has a special feature, as it was used in old days for various medical treatment including pregnancy. If we want to give proper proof we should go to search a known Arab who is experience in herbal medicine. Our fundamental pillar in Islam to believe the unseen. But Alhamdulillah we can see this flower and we can research if we have the enough capacity. Infact dua is a weapon and answer for all circumstances. But after dua we should explore our selves to make it qabool. The Maryam flower is very cheap, so why don't we try by keeping a good intention. Going to big hospitals and spending lot of money for medical treatment is much better than to use this flower .May Allah guide everyone in the right path

    • Can u plz tell me how to use maryam flower for concieve

      • Dear you can grind the booti ..make them in 7 portions.
        After you take shower when periods ends start taking it before sleep or empty stomach with goat milk for 7 days make Dua before having it.
        Make sure while you have this booti for 7 days you should not be with ur husband .after completing this 7 portions of booti you have to stay with ur husband
        Insha Allah you will conceive soon 🙂 all the best

  27. Salaams, anyone know where in South Africa I can get this herb?

    • Dear Aysha,

      These herbs only available in madinah,
      If your any relatives visit for hajj or Umrah you may request them to bring for you. its really cheap.

      • I am in South Africa, ohannesburg.
        I have some Nabi Booti leaves - where about are you based?

      • I am in South Africa, johannesburg.
        I have some Nabi Booti leaves - where about are you based?
        Perhaps I can drop off somewhere for you.

  28. What is Nabi Booti?

    Always remember that life comes from Allah and everything only happens with Allah’s will. Please never loose hope in the mercy of Allah. I have been very interested to find out more about this leave. Here is some research I have done regarding it.
    Leaves from Medina also called nabi booti, used usually to strengthen womb and for conception if Allah will’s inshaAllah.
    It is a herb and I am not sure what the background about it, what it’s significance etc. All I know is that leaves can be found in Medina usually in the market near mount Uhud. Looks like dried curry leaves. Many have used it who were struggling to conceive, I also used it. From the research I have done as I have been really trying to find out more about this but can’t find anything. It took me years to get a name for it, it is said that the Prophet(SAW) gave these leaves to a lady who was finding difficult to conceive. I don’t have any authentic to corroborate this, all i have read from the internet. Allah knows best.

    What is Maryam Booti ?
    This is a herbal plant used to speed and aid labour pain during delivery sold in Medina, Pakistan /Iran.
    In arabic it is called huurbar and iam pregnant at the moment and have been told to use it, women drink it after soaking it in water i found it to have a nasty taste did not like it at all, and it comes out of your pour’s and smell’s pretty bad i no many women who say it helps with delivery in labour, Allah yalam. source: zawaj

  29. Assalamualaikum, I am stayin in medinah alhumdlillah and I will send it to anyone and everyone without charging extra..just for the sake of Allah swt
    Whatsapp +966572044082
    If you know someone from your city coming to umrah its better to send with them as the courier or postal fees will be too high..
    Nabi booty retails for around 60 riyals per kg in herbal shops.
    The sellers at ziyarat sites sell it for higher to make profit off visitors…
    Pls contact me for sending you all nabi booty or maryam booti
    My whatsapp is +966572044082

  30. Can you plz mention the procedure of using it

    • The herbal shop owners say its to be taken in the mornings daily...a pinch full of leaves mixed in warm.milk or water...
      If the leaves have become dry and become powdered due to dryness, then take this powdered form a tea spoon in warm milk or water

  31. How to identify the..maryam boti n nabi boti ..what is differneces ? Plz send m nabi boti photo

  32. Someone say me nabi booti and maryam flower same it true?plz help me.I'm so confused

  33. I want to buy

    • Pls watsap me at 00966572044082
      I am in medina and can mail/courier/send it by hand through someone coming to your city inshallah

    • Pls contact me I can send it to you iA
      Watsap. At +966572044082
      So far I have sent to people in uk, india, pakistan and usa and there are people contacting on the regular alhumdlillah
      Although some people are being surreal askin me to wholesale it so they may do business of it which isnt aappropriate...
      Pls only genuinely in need people interested people DO NOT contact me jazakumullah

    • Pls message me your city and address ia I will be able to send you. Or you may ask anyone you know who is coming for umrah to medina to contact me I will hand over.them the nabi booti leaves
      Watsapp at +966572044082
      Pls be wary that many people are selling ''maramiyyah leaves'' and calling it nabi booti...its totally different thing...
      Maramiyyah leaves are velvety and have a tangy strong fragrance whereas nabi booti are not velvety n dont smell tangy strong

  34. Assalamualaykum, I have manage one Mariam Flower after long waiting years. Dr. Said me and my husband’s all tested report are good and normal. We are married for 11 years and trying to be pregnant for 5years. Can anyone tell me how can I use Mariam flower please? Or can anyone please send me some NabiBoti. I will pay for that and posting cost. I am living in Australia please.

  35. Ji mujhe ye pochna tha k Dr. Ne mujhe tube test ka kaha hain Agar main check nahi kerwao or agr meri tube blockage hain or main Nabi booti Khao tu mujhe pagnancy rah Jaye gi or mujhe Nabi booti khane ka Tariq a bataie

  36. Assalam Alaikum.
    May I know how to get it in ABU DHABI.
    Kindly send the response I will contact you to buy and deliver it on my address in UAE.
    I will pay for it.
    Thanks ..

  37. Aslm.
    Can i used maryam booti to conceive?. I don't have the nabi booti and i live in mauritius where i cnt get it.


  38. Wa alaykum as salaam,

    To my knowledge, I understand that Maryum booti is used moreso after you have already conceived and it helps with labor. Nabi booti is known to help a woman conceive, or become pregnant.
    I expect to receive Nabi booti in the future however in the meantime it is usually found in Madinah.

  39. I'm farha buy nabi booti price kya h nabi booty ke

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