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Assalamu alaikum

in 2015 I done a very bad sin I sent a naked picture to someone I thought I "loved" and it got posted onto social media ever since that happend I've been in denial for 2 years now ever since it happened it has brought me near to Allah I started becoming more religious and I'm more strict with what I do but I still think about it and I'm always in denial alhamdulliah Iam glad I've mad it out of a rough time but it still makes me embarssed and I'm scared to go out I've been diagnosed with social anxiety I feel like people will give me bad names and I don't know what to do I'm am really in a bad situation and I can't get my head around it thank you.


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  1. Sis, I'm ashamed to say this but I have been in the same situation. Only nothing got leaked. But let me tell you something. I've known people who have gone through this. And I've always advised them:

    Just repent to Allah and trust him because if He is with you, you are well and good. And Allah never burdens a man with more than he could bear so stay strong and put your belief in Allah. Now i do not know if your friends and family know about this but i think you should not cut yourself off from the society. Talk to everyone except for your ex. Start wearing a hijab if you feel insecure. And if your friends and family know and they try to tease you or anything tell them you have repented to Allah and you do not owe them any further explanations.

    Remember, Allah is equal to 70 mothers. He always forgives you. All you need to do is ask. Now you cannot change anything except for leaving everything to Allah and He is there to help you out of this. And He will. InshaAllah.

    • Salaam sis.
      You’d be surprised at how many women have gone through similar experiences. I’m trying to cope with my issues as well. Only it seems like my depression and the suicidal thoughts are winning. I sent many pics/vids to my ex fiancé whom I thought I was going to marry. Not only am I completely visible I made the situation 10x worse by sending through Instagram DM. Although I deleted all traces from my phone, iCloud, and Snap Chat. I still have nightmares that at some point while sending the video/pics or having them in my phone someone may have hacked and stolen my personal content. I know I am to blame as I was a grown woman. But I was mentally and emotionally abused and pressured to send them or He’d leave me. Now I’ve become extremely depressed, anti social, and suicidal. Certain sounds and colors trigger me and throw me back in the past. There’s specifically one which I did everything I was told to do for a full 4 mins. That was the last straw. I couldn’t face myself. I left that same week. I feel so disgusted and humiliated. My family....were so close knit. God parents will never make it out alive. Our community is so toxic. If anyone can help me please reach out.

  2. If your naked pictures upload on social media like on facebook you can comlain to facebook team against your boyfriend or request them to remove your pictures.AND DO TUWBAH

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