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"An astrologer told me the relationship would fail within a year."



My name is ansar **** and my mother name is kousar**** and I want marry with mubara and her mother name is bushra ****.

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

Tell me if she is lucky for me?

Thank you

- Ansar

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  1. Dear Ansar, Asalaamualaykum,

    Names have no influence on the success or failure of a marriage. Furthermore, there is no concept of 'Luck' in Islam. Belief in the influence of names, numbers and luck has no place in Islam at all.

    If you want to choose a marriage partner, then use the tools of wisdom that Allah has blessed you with, i.e. your brain and your mind and knowledge of Islam. Use these things to assess the qualities of the prospective woman. Is she God fearing, is she a striving Muslimah, do you share similar outlooks on life? What are both your attitudes on women and work, raising children, roles of husband and wife etc? Do you know anyone that knows this woman, if yes, what do they say about her? Then pray Istikhara asking Allah for guidance. There are links at the top of this page explaining how to perform istikhara.

    Best Wishes,

    SisterZ Editor

    • Yes , it's true that names have no influence on the success or failure of marriage but I would like to point out something .

      I don't know whether you have seen this on television or not but there are some islamic channels were ulema or molvi takes live calls and tell people of their prospective partners after knowing the caller's names , their mother's names and their date of birth .

      I also don't believe in this luck and name system but it really makes me wonder how do they do this on live television .

      • SisterZ is absolutely right. I am shocked that so-called "ulema" do such things on TV. These men are dooming themselves with their shirk and lies. They remind me of the Christian TV evangelists who line their pockets with money while selling lies and false promises to their followers.

        Wael Editor

      • And you wouldn't believe the number of calls they receive .

      • Soul,

        This is all a farce. Nobody knows matters of the unseen except Allah.

        What are these people doing so miraculous thats making you wonder? They're not doing anything but making general statements and pretending they know the ghayb. If someone is genuine, they will tell you they are giving you common sense advise based on what information they have infront of them and will not attribute any of it to being able to tell the future. There is no place in the Sunnah or Quran for this kind of thing.

        Islam Channel and Peace TV do not entertain such programmes, but there are some other Pakistani Channels (without mentioning their names) that do entertain this sort of jaahiliya. I know that unfortunately these programmes receive numerous calls. Most of the people that believe in such practices are from the Indian Subcontinent. May Allah give us all hidaayah.

        SisterZ Editor

  2. Assalamu alaykum Brother,

    Whatever Allah wills will happen. None can change it. And we only know what He wills when that thing comes to pass or Allah mentions it in His Book.

    Regarding numbers/ names : Does not matter.

    While naming kids: Keep good names, Allah is pleased with those who do good and are not just good by names.

    Abdullaah means slave of Allah, but if he keeps on doing sins or turns away from Allah, the name Abdullah is of no use. Your intentions and deeds based on them matter the most.

    My advice to you is: Read the translation of the Qur'an a lot. Pick up some English translation. and read it.

    Take translation of a man known for open mindedness and truth and not "making a sect".

    May Allah give you knowledge of Islam.

    Only Allah knows future and it is not right for a Muslim to go to fortune tellers or maulvis seeking "ilm" or knowledge of what could happen with you in future.

    Only Allah knows. So pray to Allah for the best. And be firm on the Qur'an first.

    I hope the advice helps and the question is answered to your satisfaction.

    Your brother,

    * * *
    Therefor give good tidings (O Muhammad) to my bondmen, who hear advice and follow the best thereof. Such are those whom Allah guideth, and such are men of understanding.- Surah 39, Az Zumar, verse 17-18.

  3. Some scholars says that name have influence on personality but never hear that names have influence on relations. Allah Knows Well.

  4. Salaam,

    I heard that sum names hve sum impact on personality. Like for example sumone who's name is Hafsa was named after her grandmother. Ever since she had this name she's had sum sort of "emotional" problem or trouble in her life. She even told her parents that age Wud consider changing her name. Does anybody think that name does really affect personality cuz I've seen this happen in family friends kid, and relative too

  5. ASA.
    I am Arushma and my mother name is Yasmeen rani...tell me about my job,luck and my marriage as well thanks

    • Oh, for goodness sake, read the answers already given on the post. Don't be lazy. Names have nothing to do with luck.

      Wael Editor

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