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My name is Urvi, do I need to change it?

My name is urvi and I m in love with a muslim boy. And we are also planning for marriage. Please let me know it is compulsory to change my name.


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  1. Hi Urvi.

    The Name Urvi means 'Earth or Heaven on Earth. It is a hindi name. Normally you do not need to change your name unless it has an unislamic meaning. However the meaning in this case is not unislamic, so it is not essential for you to change it.

    But it is recommended to, as converting to Islam marks a big change in your life. You do not necessarily have to go through the courts to change - just choose a nice Muslim 'nickname' which you like which has an islamic meaning.

    Sara Editor

  2. A muslim Possess a Meaning full name ...It may be in any language..
    Only thing is that "by your action and reputation you should show as a muslim to the world "

  3. there is nothing to be tensed in it, it depends on the meaning if the meaning sounds good being a muslim then dont change but if it doesnt suites u as a muslim then better get active and change it

  4. please guide me how to convince his family

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