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Elder aunt put nazar on my sister and now her husband has changed

Jealousy, the green eyed monster

How to deal with jealousy?

I am in great pain because of my elder sister who got married four months back.It was an arranged marriage, everything was in favour of the marriage , her husband really respected my parents and me and my younger brother too. However, as in every family, there are some people who get jealous when something good happens to others.

My elder khala gave bad dua ( and she has a very bad nazar )to my sister because she was getting married before my cousin sisters and also because the marriage function was very good and she was not consulted when the rishta came.

Now, after four months, my sisters husband is over possessive of her and does not let her talk or meet anyone ( not even our family and his family ) and openly abuses my parents in front of her when he asks him to let her meet my mother .

If someone can suggest an appropriate dua for the same I will be very grateful.

- sadia

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  1. Walaykumsalaam Sadia,

    The evil eye does exist and one can be afflicted by someone's jealousy or envy, (by Allah's Leave). But the evil eye is not always the cause of problems. So I find it strange that you have blamed your sister's marriage issues on the 'evil eye' with such confidence; as though you know with 100% assurity that your Khala(aunt) has done something. I wonder, how much of your reasoning is based on 'suspicion'?

    I understand that people do become jealous of others and yes, they can affect others with the evil eye and yes this is more common than we think. But be balanced in your thoughts and do not use this as an excuse to ignore personality or character flaws in your sister and her husband. How much about your brother in law did you all know before he married your sister? How do you know that he was not a possessive person before? Perhaps, he was on his best behaviour before marriage just to secure the proposal. I may be wrong, but I am just trying to encourage you to think and use the tools of wisdom that Allah has blessed you with.

    At the same time, yes we should always seek refuge in Allah, because hasad/envy towards another is real and dangerous. Encourage your sister to observe her five daily Salaah, recitation of Quran, implementation of the Sunnah of Rasool(sws). Encourage her to do dhikr of Allah as the Prophet(sws) taught us, by using his(sws) daily duas. You can find these in a book called 'Fortification of the Muslim'. Encourage her to: recite the last three surahs of the Quran every night, blow into hands and wipe over the body. Read Ayat-ul Qursi and Surah Fatiha before sleeping.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. I have a question about Nazar. What should you recite right away when someone compliments you without saying mashallah. I know that we are advised to recite 3 Quls before going to sleep.

  3. Assalaamu alaykum,

    Evil Eye?

    Not just jealousy, at times people just look at someone's beauty in admiration or give a compliment people in sub continent put a cloth above head of the person and / or move around some water in a small vessel and throw it away etc.

    All superstitions and blind beliefs of pagan cultures.

    Until and unless Allah wills no "calamity" can fall upon anyone. Until and unless Allah wills no "jinn or human" can interfere or harm others.

    For example, I say, so and so cannot cause me any harm. This would be wrong.

    But if I say, so and so cannot cause me any harm except if Allah wills. This would be a right statement.

    Because in this world, crimes do happen, people are harmed by others and not a leaf moves but it has the permission of Allah. So by the will of Allah and in His "dominion" by His permission things may happen.

    So we should constantly seek refuge in Allah from the jealous people as they would always be on the lok of out harming us, by backbiting, by suspicious talks etc and even more by causing physical harm through their actions.

    Hence we should recite Surah Falaq seeking Allah's refuge from the crooked ones from their envy and from the evil of what Allah has created.

    Evil eye?

    Do not be superstitious.

    Wow 🙂

    Your brother.

  4. Yeah i sincerely do believe that evil eye and black magic etc cannot harm anyone except by the will of Allah swt .
    The evil eye has harmed me since last 5 months. One of my friend has a very severe evil eye in her tongue. Very hard evil eye. She praised my eyes, and after that day i lost my eyes beauty , there's not been a single day i have not cried, my life has become hell. Because of her evil eye I also got very bad depression, anxiety, crying without reason, mentally and spiritually all disturbed. I did a ruqyah alhamdulillah im so close to my lord, im hoping my eyes will recover soon. Evil eye is very bad, very vey bad .. and so dangerous. May Allah swt prttect us from these evils.

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