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Please can someone help me, I'm in love with a Muslim man have been for a year & a 1/2 he's totally in love with me too, he ended it with me after hours of him sobbing because he was made to choose between his family &a me a non Muslim, I'm pregnant with his child who I think has a right to know and practice his/her fathers religion & also thing his family have a right to know about our I tell his mum (never met her before) she seems from what he says to be approachable but how approachable I don't know..or do I raise our child alone without him/her knowing her family n's getting me so down I have felt like ending everything I just wanna do what's best



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  1. Tell him and his family. In Islam a man should know about his children and he is responsible for their brought up as well.

  2. Hi Lily,

    Were you guys married? When you say he ended it you mean he divorced you or broke up?
    You are a non-muslim if he married you from the first place he knew this "detail" whynis it a problem now?
    Muslim men are allowed to marry non Muslim women of the book (ahl al kitab) that is Jew or Christians - are you of one of this faith? Have you considered becoming a Muslim? Does the father know about the his child?
    Sorry for all the questions, I need more details to be able to help you...

  3. Call a meeting and be honest. You and he needs to do what is right for your child. I see that you want your child to know his "deen" / religion which is Islam ?, then I suggest YOU as the mother learn about it as well. Now you know, that this is reason why" dating" and fornication before marraige is forbidden in Islam. It opens doors to a whole world of difficulties. I can say this to you, because I was in the same boat sweetie. Go, state your case, expect the worst and make dua for the best. ALLAH IS THE BEST OF PLANNERS.....

  4. Dear,
    You are Mother of that Muslim man. Now as a Muslim he must know his responsibility of his act .
    He must accept all his responsibility of his child and child Mother.
    if you both agree to live Husban and wife, than he do not need anybody recognition.
    as Human we all believed Almighty God, ask God. Only God has the power to help you .
    we pray Allah (God) help you, amin

  5. Yes this is serious you tell mom you tell him ..this is not the child's tell that guy to take this serious

    This the downfall of broken up families and orphanage's. this person is doing harm to himself...this all haram and now he has a big responsibility ahead of him provide for you feed you shelter make sure his parents know...He only wants to sleep with you and now he's screwed up..Muslims don't do this to people..there clean and pure and they fear Allah...His words are lies...because it is going to show down the road.

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