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i am writing with a problem which has given me stress in life. i got divorced 6 years ago after which i never wanted to get married. recentlymy family got me engaged to this guy. istikhara was done and it came out positive frm bothe ends.everyone was happy and we both were on talking terms on daily basis.the marriage was due in july 2016 but then it broke.he stopped issues erupted

i feel sad and depressed.

i started reading hazrat duad dua two weeks back allahuma layyan qalbi with his name and his mothers name 100 times daily

i dnt know if i am supposed to do more than two waziaf. i kept praying since last two months that everything gets well. recently i talked to him and he said he doesnt have any problem with me just family issues came in.

i also started reading surah anfal ayat 63 11 times daily for past one week.

and today i thought i shud also start surah fil 105 frm quran with his name and mothers name where u do dum on suger and then give it to ants for seven days.

i dnt know if its right or wrong. i dnt know if i shud do so many wazaif all together since someone told me that i shudnt do them all.

i feel depressed and helpless.i started loving that person and he said he was in love with me. i want to marry him. can u make a dua for me? and guide me if i can do all wazaif together????

plz do reply

thank u


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  1. Assalaamualaykum meezania,

    I am sorry you have struggled with marriage. If family issues have erupted since your engagement, issues that have led to months of depression, you might want to reconsider this match. There’s a chance these issues could continue on into marriage and afterwards. Inshallah they won’t, and of course you can pray and make dua to Allah that this doesn’t happen. It sounds like the two of you just talked and he is fine. What exactly does that mean? Does he want to continue with the marriage?

    Regarding the Istikhara, you say that it "came out positive"…No one can really contend with you on that sister, but have the family issues, separation, and depression been possible and easy for you to handle? Because in the Istikhara, you asked Allah to make the best way possible and easy. Only you can determine that.

    As far as how many times you should make dua or recite verses, that is for you to decide - there is no limitation to your communication with your lord. However many times you want to and feel like, until you are comfortable. Sometimes we need to say a dua more than once to we feel we’ve really said it from the heart and connected with our lord. Please know that Allah knows what’s in your heart regardless of whether or not you say it verbally at all, let alone multiple times.

    If you want to give sugar to the ants out of the goodness of your heart, I can appreciate that 🙂

    May Allah ease your way, and yes, I will make a dua for you.



  2. Dear sister..
    Calm down... It is indeed true that doing wazifas without permission from scholars and shaykhs can impact your life negatively..
    Pls contact a scholar

    • To recite ayat's from the quraan, to call Allah with his Name, Do we need the permission from the Scholar or Shayks?
      I am reading it for the first time. Can you prove it by referring me to any authentic Hadith?

      What is Wazifa ? Is it patented ? Do the Scholars have the copyrights on that..

      I can call my Allah anytime and i don't need any permission.

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