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Need help. Seeking death.

Assalam o alaikum. In a recent turn of events, i have ended up losing all things dear to me- the person i loved, my friends and social life, my job, my freedom, my parents's trust. I fell in love with a non-Muslim person and we decided to marry. The consequences faced are a result of me telling my parents about my relationship.
I really feel like dying. If i die, my parents wont have to spend on my marriage or my needs- they are in a financially critical condition. Also, they will be free from the tension of me going back into my former relationship. I, in turn, will be free from the stress of always worrying if I'd get to marry the right kind of guy, or if I will be forced to marry someone not of my liking.
I pray to Allah for guidance everyday. I just dont know what to do.


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  1. as salaamu alaykum sister Faz,

    You say "The consequences faced are a result of me telling my parents about my relationship." Guess what; the misery you're now in are the result of your Disobedience to Allaah SWT, Who gave you life and provided you with All you need in this life. You've committed a Grave Sin, by committing Zina, and to make matters Worse, with a Non-Muslim who is Forbidden for you to even Marry! This is an act of Mercy from Him, as the alternative could be Jahannam, for an Unknown period of time!
    Your trouble now are a Trial for you and you need to bear whatever comes to you now with Patience. What Ever you do, don't even Think of killing yourself, because then you would Close the door to His Mercy! Instead Repent sincerely to Allaah swt, and Fear Him! Humble yourself to Him, and if you are able to weep, during prayers, do so.Also do the super-erogatory salaat and Zikr, and do much Good! That way you will cause the Most Merciful to forgive you and in time to Love you. Put this non muslim guy out of your mind, and Obey your parents with kindness and Humility as Allaah SWT has ordered us. May Al Ghafur (the Forgiver) forgive you! aamiyn!

  2. Salam dear sister. I'm a positive chap, so lets look a the positives. Ok so, you're out of a haram relationship right? I'm seeing pluses already 😀
    Hmm... think if killing yourself is really gonna fix everything. You say you care about your parents, how would they feel if you were, I'm sure it wont be as bad as finding out about your relationship. Remember killing yourself is pretty serious, and with u gone. You won't be able to ask for forgiveness. Remember Allah is all forgiving, so pray and stay positive.
    Inshallah I hope ill hear from u soon.
    Stay alive and safe sister.
    I'll remember u in my duas.
    🙂 😀

  3. I was in a very similar -but worse- situation to yourself once. It took me over 5 years to get over my ex. Not saying that it will take u that long but just saying it can happen. Trust me time really is the best healer. I was so depressed I didn't just think of suicide I nearly went for it several times. Hopefully your parents are understanding but if they are anything like mines you only have one option...prayer! Pray pray pray and pray somemore. You will find the right guy just do dua it's all halal etc. Life won't b easy. It'll b a lot of ups & downs. You just need to go with it.

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