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Aslam waalikum....

Dear All,

I love a girl and I want to marry her. I want to have my Rab's agreement for this relationship, so I have a required dua for this so that I recite that dua,  and my RAB agrees with my dua & he write that girl in HAK.

Please help me and make dua for me. I know that I do not know all of you and I have no right to say anything, but as a friend I request all of you. If you could, make Fariyad(Request) one time only. You say" Ya Mere RAB Isko iska pyar se nikah kabul kr le, AAMIN," to my mighty Lord. Please, one time please.

Thanx n regrds,

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  1. Walaykumsalaam,

    Stay on the right way, do what is halaal and abstain from haraam. May Allah bless you with a wife and offspring who are good for you in this life and the next, aameen.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Salaam brother

    I know how you feel. I have also been praying for Allah to bless me with marriage as we do not want to commit zina. I prayed istinkara and I got a good feeling, I also dreamt that my (boy)friend was wearing this pure white clothes. I pray, inshallah, that he asks me soon.

    Aslo make dua for me that he is good gor my deen, dunya and aakirah.

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