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To start with, I finally got divorced from my husband after 5 years of court case. In my country, we have (1) divorce by husband, (2) khula by wife, (3) divorce done by court for justified reasons. I went for the 3rd option & court has divorced us.

My xhusband had presented some indecent images & videos during the case to prove me characterless & grab the custody of my daughter. But the judge disapproved all his allegations & granted divorce to me with my daughter's custody. Alhamdulilah.

Now he has kept everything so when my daughter grows up & he shows all that dirty content to her, she herself choses to stay with father, & leaves me.

I am planning to do a criminal case on him, for exposing my decency & showing my pics/videos without hijab in public. For this I had asked someone to do istikhara. The lady said results are bad, don't do it.

But as I studied more, I realized I should be doing istikhara on my own. After 7 days of istikhara, I realized my feelings have become strong to go ahead with doing a criminal case on him, got certain positive real life signs too, but during istikhara I got horrible dreams 3 nights.

I mostly get bad dreams when I sleep on my left side, that too unintentionally when my 6 old daughter wakes me during night & says I should look at her. so while I'm asleep, I turn on her side which is my left. & I wakeup with a bad dream.

I am confused, is my +ive feeling asking me to do a case, or bad dreams telling me not to do it?

Kindly advice. I will be very grateful.



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  1. Sister istiskhra is not always about dreams. Its about the feelings u get and wht u chose will be the result of ur istikhara. Wht u baisicaly need to do is pray istiskhara namaz for 7 days or for as long as u are 100% sure wht u want then leave evrything to allah. If its good for u allah will make it happen if not then he will change ur feelings n mind to stop it from happing. Dont fucas too much on ur dreams. Somtimes it could be that u think too much about a certin thing having that in ur mind u dream about it even when ur asleep.

    About ur husband's case if are 100% sure that hes wrong and have plenty of evidince then go ahead and do a criminal case on him. He has to stop n leave u and ur doughter alone or he ruint ur inoccent doughter's life. She dosnt deserve it so shodnt be put in to this kind of unhealthy satutions. It will effect her mentaly and emotionaly.

    Other thing u can do to save ur doughter's life would be to leave that city or even country (only if its possible for u) and leave no clue behind to where u have gone to be complitly save from him. This will be a good for u and ur doughter.

    May allah help u and show u the right path.

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