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I found some things on his mobile phone


tell me that once i was in relationship with a boy phonically we were deeply in love but because of my family i give up

because things are getting messed up .its been a year now i turned toward Allah i realized i committed a sin both of us had showed our private parts phonically, but we did not met even a once .tell me the kufara and what islam says about this.


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  1. Make Tauba from your heart if you realized it and then do not do it again. But we are human right? maybe we might can do again right? then what will we do? the answer is the same Tauba may ALLAH will forgive.
    But if you do intentionally and keep committing sins and making Tauba after that then you knw this doesn't make sense.
    and it won't be forgivable perhaps ALLAH is gafurur rahim ALLAH can forgive us.

  2. Assalaam alaikum I am from pakistan and my name is faisal.

    The problem is that there was a girl in my relation whom I use to like very much but couldn't tell hher because she was 2 years older than me.

    Slowly slowly we became friends on facebook and started chatting . After chatting with eachother for 2 months she proposed me.

    It was likw the best day of my life.

    Then exchanged numbers and started talking all day and night. We both started loving each other alot.

    It all started in june 2010. We rarely use to meet because she was from different city and was able to meet once or twice a year.

    We have kissed each othee a lot of times but never had anythingmore than that.

    In 2014 i started feeling that she has started talkinhg to another guy in the same city who is also our common cousin. I use to feel because of the comments amd all on fb.

    When I use to ask her. She use to swear on Allah that there is nothing like that.

    Since march 2014 she was two timing with both of us.

    In 2015 july she started sayimg that my parents are watching for my marriage And your parents wont aggree for my because i am two yrs older than you and i was also jobless than time as I was 23 . After talking about all this at my home my parents said she is not the right girl fpr you but i will not say no. Just pray isthikhara and ask Allah if she is right or not. I prayed isthikhara for like one month but there was no option coming in my mind as i use to think that my parents are not happy woth this girl and that was very great of thwm to say that if you want to marry than just pray isthikhara.

    In isthikhara there was npthing good coming out.

    Suddenly one day in october 2015 she called me and said that you have done very late and she is going to get engaged to the other cousin.

    I was shattered that time because my feelimg of what i use to think about her and that guy being in a relationship and ditching me was right.

    It was the feeling that nothing has left in my life and i was in a very bad situation.

    But there was a feeling that i prayed isthikara so i will come out from this and will live a happy life in sha Allah. I thought that she has been engaged now so she will live happily woth her fiance and i will forget her with time. But what was unexpected that she after 6 or 7 months started callimg me again and askimg to meet me alone.

    Its august 2017 and till yet i have talked to her like for 10 to 11 times.

    Her marriage with him is in December 2017 .

    I knpw that she is serious for him and just playing with my feelings for time to time. But whenever she calls me in a month . She disturb my whole lifw again. And says if i can maarry her she will leave that guy.

    I cant stop taking to her whenever she calls Because i loved her for 8 years amd she was the first loveof my life.
    I am mad for her.

    I just wamt to know any dua any wasifa to forget her and be happy in my life.

  3. Plz brother do not pick up her call and change your number and keeping dua to ALLAH that you forgive her and pray five time a day and read dikhaar .Thanks pray for me thanks and keep busy in this way you can forgive her.

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