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I recently was married to a muslim man and he wants to keep our marriage a secret from his friends..
And I am curious as to why??


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  1. It's hard to say, we don't know you or him...


    He is hiding you,...he is ashamed of you...he could be married to another woman? ...

    Either way, if you have not met his family and friends and he has not met your family and friends...he sounds like a very very suspicious person and I would insist on meeting his friends nd family and really insist on that...

    Because if not you will always be his lil secret.

    If he is not providing for you, and you don't live with each other in the same household... i suspect he is using you for sex but is too ashamed to tell his friends about you as they would disapprove, or he is using you for a visa to get to your part of the world if you don't live in the same location...

    Also, in Islam you get married and you announce your marriage to friends and family, marriages should be celebrated as a happy time. You might be his lil side project, that he doesn't want his family to know about.

    Not sure, but do find out why.

  2. Most likely you are being used. Is there any "immigration" issue involved?

  3. are you the same latino women? who posted a question about secret marriage.
    so sad he is doing wrong.

  4. It is hard to leave you any suggestion or just leave you a wild guessing without knowing some more information.

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