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Nikah without marriage?

mercy nikah

In Islam its Hallah to get married under 18 but by Law its illegal to get married under 18 and my question is  : Can i do Nikah but not get married by Law (im under 18 and the girl is under 18 too and we are in Europe... And in my country like most of the countries its illegal to get married under 18)

Ma Sha Allah im 17 and  she is 16 which means we have to wait 2 years...

We both are muslims Ma Sha Allah, and she has a "Walli" and everything else Alhamdulilah its okay but that is the one and only problem and i hope i get my answer positive and soon


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  1. listen bro, you can do nikah why not but you have once you sleep with her then you have to keep her for life and even if she is rude or angry or pregnant or tired or sad or crazy or annoying or disobedient. you have to bear it all and teach her and be extremely patient. so i strongly advise you to marry at 25 and dont worry about women yet because you are going to be stressed out with all the problems and if you study now or work and get a house it will be better for you instead of doing what i done, got married at 21 and then she got pregnant and crap now after 7 years i am working my ass off to save money and buy a house still but i should have married after i had a house and stable life. How can you provide stability to another person if you are not stable yourself and trust me you will know when you are stable, dont give me that i am very clever than other people stuff, thats just you being young minded lol 🙂 good luck Ask Allah for guidance always and dont be a silly rushing person like me

  2. I think you should wait until she's 18 before you get married. If she gets pregnant while she's still in school, the authorities might ask questions and find out that you, a legal adult, has illegally married a 16 year old, a legal minor. You don't want to get into trouble for that.

    Also, you are both extremely young, why the rush to get married? How can you possibly maintain a marriage at such a young age? How are you going to look after each other when you both (I assume) have no education or decent job?

  3. Salam,

    You should check the laws again. Even with 18 limit laws there can be an exception that allows a marriage to occur with parental consent. If her family is Muslim you should ask for their permission. Her Wali should be her Muslim father and not someone you're picking just to meet the condition of marriage. Also, the marriage should be public. Your parents, her parents, anyone else that you can think of should know that you are married.

    If the laws do not allow you to get married, you should consider getting married elsewhere as they usually honor existing marriages even if they are below the age limit.

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