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Assalam walaikum,

I've been dating a Muslim guy and we're both in love with each other (I'm not muslim; but am willing to convert) and want to get married.
But one of the requirements of nikah is parents' approval. And I know it for a fact that my parents won't approve ever.
Is there anyway around it; can we get married without my parents' approval (his parents approve and it won't be a secret nikah) ?

And also, we have committed sin how do we repent that ?

Thanks in advance,
I'll appreciate all the responses....


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  1. AOA Zia.

    Good news for you is that converts do not need parental approval to get married. The Qazi becomes her Wali. For the sin, I reckon it all gets washed away when you convert into a Muslim. Lucky you!

    Hope this answers and Allah knows best.


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