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Assalam o alaikum

I am a hanfi(follower of Imam Abu Hanifa). I have a female cousin(daughter of my father's brother). My mother had kept her breast milk in a cup and when my cousin was 1.5 years old she took a sip or two from that milk before my mother could stop her. My mother had no intentions to let her drink that milk. Is my nikkah with that cousin halal or haram?

Please answer me showing ahadith and verses of quran.


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  1. Yes you can marry her.
    To be considered as milk mother/siblings, your cousin would have to :
    - drink your mom's milk when she's younger than 2 years old
    - she should nurse 5 times full meal (not just sips, but 5 full meal nursing seasons.)

  2. This brother has specified that he follows hanafi fiqh. So I will answer from that perspective.

    According to hanafi fiqh you are not permitted to marry her. Even a drop of breastmilk consumed by a child will mean that foster relations will be established. So in this case she has become forbidden to you as your blood sister is.

    This ruling is to be found in all the books on hanafi fiqh. Do ask a hanafi scholar to put your mind at ease.

  3. In most schools of thought, a sip does not make someone a milk brother or sister. Being breastfed more than five times when an infant is under the age of two, then your cousin is your milk-sister and your mahram, and she is haram for you to marry. I would suggest you have a consultation with an imam who follows Hanafi madhab.

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