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Assalam O Alaikum my question is my friend had a relation in his university life and he had physical relationship with that girl and in 2015 they got separated after a fight with argument. that physical relationship time period was around 2 years almost and i talk about my friend so he was very serious with that girl even he told his mother that he likes a girl and he wanted to send a proper proposal but according to that girl she wanted to wait until they don't get their degree.

well when convocation came they were not together and now the boy got change. he prays 5 times in a day he asks ALLAH forgiveness he left listening music watching movies and now he prays for that girl he asks ALLAH to make that girl his wife. and my friend belongs to a noble family he is an Engineer MashaALLAH he has his own business of IT export and the good thing is the girl and boy they both are Syed and relatives. now the girl is saying that she does not want to marry that boy just because of she involved in hangouts with friends listening music and she likes this life.

well somedays ago we met some islamic scholars they told us that girl is not pure nor virgin. in pakistan we write and say it loud that girl is virgin (kunwari) and girl has to reply honest so then we write this on paper on NIKKAH NAMA so being a pure man i cannot accept any girl that she is impure or not virgin and cannot do nikkah with any girl like this. so my question is if she marry to other guy and he doesn't know the past 0f that girl and after knowing the past if he leaves her so my friend would be the equal share holder in that sins? and my friend is requesting her and convincing her that it is better to get married with each other. Kindly reply me ASAP.

Syed Arsalan

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  1. I normally don't comment on this Forum until i really feel obliged to do so.

    I am not sure that what sort of Scholar you consulted and you did mentioned and i quote ' ... in pakistan we write and say it loud that girl is virgin (kunwari) and girl has to reply honest so then we write this on paper on NIKKAH NAMA ...".

    Do you even know what you are talking about? Is Kanwari (the Urdu Language) and Virgin the same for you? Please correct yourself. Kanwari (in Urdu) means Single and being Single is not a translation of being Virgin. And who said that they read loud that the Girl (to be wedded) is Virgin? Come on ... i did witnessed hundred marriages in Pakistan ... don't destroy the sanctity of Pakistan or even the Nikah Paper (Wedding Paper) ...

    Even they do the way you say, then no Divorced Women would ever get married

  2. Assalaamalykum warahmatullah
    May Allah have mercy on all of us, being a sayed and involved in this case, these two dont go togather, one must know who sayed is.
    Secondly, theres no such thing as kunwari and virgin and all that.
    I dont know where u getting all this from, whats your aqeeda? I really dunno if you know what nikah is in islam and how it should be done, or you should find a scholar that dont say that.

  3. Salaam Brother,

    Both the boy and the girl being syeds and relatives is not a criteria for marriage in Islam. In Islam a boy and a girl can get married if they both are Muslims, it doesn't matter if one belongs to a syed family and the other doesn't belong to a syed family.

    If the girl is not interested to marry that boy then let him move on. Why force her or convince her to marry him ? She doesn't want to get married to that guy and it's her choice. Ask your friend to look for another girl, and the other girl doesn't have to be from a syed family, if she is a pious muslim then he can marry her.

    May Allah guide you.

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