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Nikkah and death of my father

Dear friends,

I have a question related to the death of my father and my nikah. Actually, my father died 1 day ago  and before his death, we have fixed my nikkah date which is in less than 2 weeks. We have arranged all the things, shopping, bookings etc. And I dont want to change the date and disturb the girl´s family.

Is there any order by Allah (S.W.T) related to this situation? Please reply me soon.


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  1. In Islam after 3rd day of death whoever the mourning ends so there is no harm to continue your life whatever is it. Only thing now your mother is widow and she has to compelet her " eedaat" for 4 months and ten days so she can not attend your marriage ceremony. You and your family can do whatever you feel appropriate.

  2. Astagfirullah you are thinking about the girl its how much you love your deceased father? oh God. i wish i was dead before seeing this question. No words! you broke all the records

    • His father died one day ago whats the matter with you ? Don't be like that expecially if somebody is going through hardship like him.

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