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Nikkah fasakh

Aslamu alaikum

i have been married 6 years and i have two kids with me my husband has always denied to help me financially he was only using me to come to britain.. by allah s will that didnt happen and so i recently applied khula last year in 2016 which i took back to give him another chance i went to se him in dubai i didnt wanted to go back home in pakistan as i was scared if he harms me as he already have in past .. so i went to see him dubai with two kids i didnt feel like having intercourse with him but he ws pushing me and forcing that i have to do ... somewhrr in my heart saying he just want to touch me thats all he want he doesnr love me he just want to hurt me either way .. so i have applied for khula this year also in 2017 ... he didnt accept the khula and was taking long as well as i wanted to finish this relationship as soon as possible as it was killin me inside for being tied up for long ... so i had this qazi who done my NIKKAH FASAKH i have heard everywhere tthat nikkah fasakh doesnt have IDDAH but khula has one month of iddah as out prophet said too and talaaq has 3 months iddah but nikkah fasakh doesnt have iddab ...? Please confirm me someone...

jazakh allah


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