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Phone Nikkah: legal or illegal?

Assalam O Alaikum wrwb,
Is Nikkah/marriage allowed on phone allowed in Islam and is considered halal in the eyes of Allah (swt)?


Zarina Biswas.

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  1. Salaams,

    I am assuming that when you are meaning nikkah by phone you mean that the bride and groom are not present with one another and that one is being contacted by phone. Based on the cursory research I've done on this issue, I have found differing opinions on the matter. Some say that it is valid as long as there are the proper number of witnesses and the phone conversation is audible for all present to verify the proposal and acceptance by both parties. However, some say that it is not valid because the nikkah is only valid when all parties (bride, groom, witnesses, imam) are all physically present. Personally speaking, I don't know what the difference would be between having nikkah by phone and having members in the wedding party who are blind, but who am I to make an opinion.

    I personally had a telephone involved during my nikkah, but the person on the other line was the imam. All of the witnesses, myself and my wali, and the groom were all present at the wedding location, but the imam had something to come up which prevented him from physically being there so he requested to be put on speakerphone to conduct the ceremony. At that time, no one had any hesitation about the validity of my nikkah. However I would suggest to you that you check with the local imam who would be conducting your marriage and see what their educated opinion is on the matter. Here at this website we are not scholars. We will do the best we can to try to research questions submitted but in the end it's better to check with your local scholarship.

    -Amy Editor

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