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No rukhsati in sight, now my friend is on my mind


My nikah was done three years ago,  but the rukhsati is not done yet. My husband has been living abroad for two years. I talk to him daily, and I requested of him thousands of time to come and marry me, but he is having his own issues.

After my nikah I started loving my husband a lot, but due to so much time delaying my wedding there is a lot of space created between me and my husband. I begged him. Now my situation is that I weep every night for the past two years.

I had a friend. He was very honest and he loved me a lot before my nikah, and he still does.  I don't have any contact with him, but because of my husband I sarted missing him and I don't know what to do now. I'm so confused, and yes I accepted my husband after my nikah happily because of Allah's will. Please suggest me any wayI can get rid of this sitiation, because I cannot live alone like this anymore.

jazakaAllah kher,


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  1. Salam,

    Nikah IS marriage in Islam. You are already married. I dont know what a Rukhsati is but it just sounds like culture stuff.

  2. asalamu alaikum Rabia,

    your husband been away for 2 years as newly weds is a very long time. i don't understand if your husband having issues why get married? i see this a lot the husband within a year goes abroad and doesn't come back.

    its your right to demand him to come back to you. out of loneliness now you remembering about a friend who liked you, one thing will lead to another.

    so ask me again to come back and fulfill your needs as its your right to be taken care of.


  3. OP: and I requested of him thousands of time to come and marry me, but he is having his own issues.

    What are his issues? He should discuss his issues with you openly. Are the issues related to his Visa? When you ask him, come marry me, what is his response?

  4. three years a long time, if he doesn't listen to you than divorce him.

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