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Should my non-Muslim Girlfriend Have an Abortion?

Aborting a child is not only socially or morally wrong but also haram in Islam unless practised for right reasonsassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I want some help and advice I committed a big sin and I pray to Allah to forgive my sin.

I was living with non Muslim girl and now she is pregnant.

I have spoke to my family and they said before nikha the baby will be haram for that reason she need to do abortion.

I know what I have done is sin but killing a innocent baby is more sin and Allah will never forgive me.

She is saying she will change her religion and become Muslim but I don't think she will just to keep baby she saying.

what should I do. Jazakallah khair



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  1. Brother,

    please repent as much as you can.
    you cannot ask the woman to abort, that is tantamount to murder.
    marry the woman and take responsibility for your actions.
    if she turns muslim...thats enough incentive for you to marry her.
    hope that helps.

  2. Salam,

    Please don't listen to anyone, and I mean anyone in regards to aborting this unborn child. Anyone who knows anything about Islam, knows that this child is not haram. Although this child has come about from you committing a grave sin by living and having relations with this girl, this child carries no sin at all. This child should not be a casualty of your actions. If in fact you are going to perform nikah with this girl, you don't need to murder this child in order to do so. Rather than abort this child because it will be convenient for others, take this woman and make her your wife. You can help your wife to learn about Islam and you can turn this situation around and make it something positive. Should you listen to others and this child is aborted, it is something you will live with the rest of your life. Don't do it.


  3. Don't commit a bigger sin by killing your own child. How can a innocent baby be haraam??? DON'T listen to your family, they are clearly missguided. Do not abort your baby, this baby is a huge blessing from Allah. Marry your girlfriend and take care of your child. You don't need your pare ts permission to marry her or to take care of your child. If she is Christian or Jew , she doesn't need to convert to islam and you can marry her, she might want to convert later on but don't push her or force her to convert, it's her choice but you could provide her with information about Islam. Regardless if you end up marrying her or not , take care of your child. At the end of the day it's not only your choice anyway, it's also her child and don't force her to abort her baby!!!

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    All life is sacred. This baby is a blessing from Allah. Rather than considering haram acts such as abortion, you and your girlfriend should take steps to prepare for the baby's birth, inshaAllah, and get your lives on track in order to give your child the best start in life. If your girlfriend wishes to accept Islam, or is Christian or Jewish, then you can get married and repent for your previous transgressions together.

    Your family are wrong in their idea that a baby can be haram, and in their idea that an abortion wouldn't be a terrible sin. While we should respect our family, we shouldn't blindly follow advice which goes against Islam. Stand your ground and protect your baby.

    May Allah bless you and your girlfriend with a healthy child, and may He guide the two of you to live a life in accordance with His teachings.

    Midnightmoon editor

  5. Maybe you might find this useful.

  6. Keep away from these people.Sooner or later shaitan will take you away.These are not your friends they are associates...these people are not the people of paradise so there living day to day so keep away unless you invite them to Islam ..other then this the devils who they follow unknowingly guides them and you follow.Do you understand ?

    • raul, who are the "these people" you are talking about? Are you really advising the brother to avoid the woman who he already got pregnant and who wants to become Muslim? Are you suggesting that he abdicate responsibility for his child?

      He should marry the woman and be a proper father to his child.

      Wael Editor

  7. Please please don't kill that innocent baby. That's a big big sin. There's people who wants to have babies but they can't. So just repent give Zakkah feed the homeless and if u can adopt a kid and take care of him/her. Please don't kill that baby

  8. I have one sentence for you my brother

    Marry the girl and TAKE responsibility for your action. Marry her before the baby is born. BE A MAN OF HONOUR

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