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Nose Job for UGLY nose….

Lonely man walking away.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am a boy and have a very big and bulbous nose, and the shape of the nose is "UGLY". My face looks "ugly" for my ugly nose. I am single and 26 years old. My "BIGGEST DREAM" in my life is - to marry a beautiful girl. The truth is - I cannot marry someone who is NOT attractive to me 🙁 🙁

I extremely fear that I will be rejected by any attractive girl for my ugly face. Maybe I have to be alone for my whole life if all the attractive girls reject me. 🙁 🙁 🙁
Can I get a nose-job JUST to make my nose "NOT UGLY"?

(It's EXTREMELY RARE that I found someone else with an ugly nose like mine 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 )
Please reply asap. Thanks.


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  1. Look my friend Allah created you the way you are except.Allah has created a mate for everyone.Allah loves you alot.DONT LET SHAITAN PUT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD. BE HAPPY AND STICK TO THE READING OF QURAN .FOR IT HAS TO MANY VIRTUES TO LIST BUT MOST OF ALL KEEP YOU AT PEACE AND CALMNESS. KEEP AWAY FROM T.V MUSIC AND A LIVE A LIFE A BLESSED LIFE OF EXCELLENCE.ALLAH WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS AS LONG AS YOU OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS AND HELP THIS DEEN SPREAD.ALLAH WILL CERTAINLY HELP YOU!!!keep a regular rountine and be consistant. There are many women especially syrian widows .In africa there many beautiful women and malaysians who are very modest and faithful.Remember marry someone with deen beauty is in the eyes of iman.Dont be fooled that a material girl is it.Thats illusion from Shaitan.Shes cursed and will mess your life up.

  2. Why are u looking for a pretty girl? U will never know that there's someone out there who is also ugly and likes u.

  3. Allah SWT made us all in the best form, we are the creations of the Almighty who is flawless.
    It is easy to get carried away with the so-called definitions of beauty we are constantly bombarded with via media, beauty contests, fashion shows and peer pressure.
    You need to accept that you are in perfect proportion the way you were naturally created. For reinforcement, check the many celebrity cases of plastic surgery gone wrong. there is nothing wrong with wanting to marry a girl who you think is 'beautiful' but do not get obsessed with it. Go for the wholesome person too. Be comfortable in your own skin and develop your personality. You will automatically attract people and who knows you might impress the girl of your choice!

  4. I know right now that it seems like the shape of your nose is ugly. But remember everyone has good and bad qualities. What you think is an ugly nose someone can think is beautiful. One time I saw an interview with an actress and she said she was attracted to men with very big noses. So don't let your nose be the judge of your appearance or the judge of your character. Try to be a good well rounded muslim and you Naseem will come.

    Do not think marrying an attractive woman will give your happiness. At the end of the day you might get satisfaction from a woman's beautiful looks but what if she is a bad person. Then that does not matter anymore. I agree that everyone should be attracted to their spouse, but that doesn't mean that you should only be looking at woman's faces when looking for a partner. A pious woman who loves Allah and treats you is what will make you happy.

    Try to mature and look past appearance and search for what matters underneath. May Allah guide you.

  5. Brother, are you not scared that you might marry a woman "with your new nose", who marries you just because of your beautiful nose? She will love you because of your physical appearance. You will get old and what will happen now? In my case and most girls' case I think, looks especially for men, does not matter. I married my husband not because of his looks. He is my parents' choice and I believed in my heart that he maybe is a responsible and strong man who can protect me and our future children.

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