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Not sure of the validity of my marriage


Asalaam Wa'aleikum, recently I got married only through nikkah and because me and my now husband had been speaking for some time (never alone or never misbehaving), we got married only in the presence of two male witnesses and he and I. Verbal nikkah. My worry is that he is very resistant to telling his family about me (I'm his third wife) and now I am afraid that my fears will come to pass and he will neglect me or forsake me because he does not want to tell his mother or first wife. I have prayed to Allah and that is why i went ahead and married him. We hastened to prevent sin. My question is: have I been foolish? Kindly give me a polite and respectful response. Thank you


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  1. Yes sister r. U have made a mistake and may be ruint ur life. Why did u even choose to become his third and that aslo a secret wife???? Anyways im not scholar but as much as i know ur nikah with this man cant be valid for thses reasons...
    1. U need a wali from ur side. Which is ur father. For validty of ur nikah the premition and presence of ur father is very importand.
    2. He has to give u ur mehir unleas u leave it to him.
    3. I shouldnt be done in secret.
    4 And it has to be done by a mufti u cant verbly eccept eachother.

    So in my opinion ur nikah is not valid u shuld leave him. Dont do anthor proper nikah with him until he tells his whole famly and they eccpet u. Never be somone secret wife u will regret and ruint ur life. If i were u i wondnt evem think about marrying him at all. But after all its ur own choce.

  2. i m sorry to say but yes you were foolish . no witness from your side, this nikkah is invalid. the base of the nikkah is invalid haq mehr comes after which has nothing to do with it as the process was wrong. he fooled himself and you or may be he knew the entire process

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