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Online love with a married woman

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I met an girl on social networking website over an year ago.
We used to chat couple of hours daily.
I don't know when this chatting friendship turned into an relationship.
We both were addicted to each other.
We just met 4/5 times up till now.
But still both are mad for each other.
whenever I used to ask her plans about getting married she used to avoid or divert that topic.
Then from other sources I got to know she is already married 3 years before.
So I had reconfirmed with her unfortunately it was truth.
She dont have any kids, they never planned as she said.
Now she wants to get divorced with her husband and marry me.
Even I love her a lot ready to accept - but is that permissable according to Islam?
Espescially when her husband doesn't have any flaws in it.

Please suggest me as soon as possible what should I do.


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  1. Your relationship has started as infidelity, and nothing good usually comes out of any relationship that is sinful and deceptive. Leave the woman alone, if she really wanted to divorce her husband, she would have done it by now. She has shown on many levels she can't be trusted. If she can cheat on her husband with you, she can cheat on you, too, with another man when you have been married for 3 years.

  2. How long ago you came to know she was married? Did your relationship change after that?
    There is some thing missing in her married life that is why she is friends with you.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    In Islam, it is permissible to marry a woman who has divorced, so long as she has completed her iddah. Whether it's a good idea in your particular situation is a different question...

    Here's someone who has been cheating on their spouse for a significant period of time, including online and in person. They've deceived both their spouse and the person they've been seeing on the side. Now, they're saying they'll leave their spouse for that person, but that there aren't any major flaws in the marriage.

    This woman sounds like she has some issues with how she relates to others, and how she views commitment and marriage - while those are ongoing, the pattern of forming relationships, cheating and then moving on may well continue. That's an issue for her to address though.

    You need to prioritise your own deen. You know that this relationship as it is, is haraam - so put a stop to it. Avoid intimate contact with non-mahram women and repent for the transgressions that have taken place. It might be sensible to give social networking sites a miss, as these can put more temptation in your way. Once you feel ready, you can look for a spouse through appropriate Islamic channels - ideally, one who isn't currently married to someone else.

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  4. Love and was have no rules . brother if you really love her then don't think too much get marry her. but if you taking her advantage and she get divorce for you and in future you refuse her as divorcee then she will destroy . Think about it with cool mind .

  5. you should cut your ties with her immmmediately. This is danjar man. you are spoiling a house.

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