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Our sex life is compromised

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Assalam o Alaikum.

I am 28 years old and my wife 26. 3 years have past with our marriage and it was loved one, but now our sex life is seriously compromised. We both are not getting sexually attracted to each other, we do not feel any urge. We come close once every month or so. And we both are caring to each other, loving each other. We have never had any fight but only our sex life has gone by. Can any one tell me a quranic verse that can help us ?


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  1. No , because verses dont work like witchcraft or magic spells , read the quran as a way of life not just when you suddenly encounter some worldy issue (if this can be considered one)

  2. You need to SPICE things up.

    Three years is a long time. You both need change to get excited.

    Attraction is not magic, you actually have to work on your relationship. Take your wife out to dinner, tell her to dress up in her best outfit and take her to a nice place. Go on a date, go rock climbing, try sometching new together that you both like, and just have fun. Take her to park and have a picnic. Surprise her one day, take the day off work, and tell her that you are spending the day with her!

    Once you have gone on a. Nice date, be playful, flirt with your wife, tell her she is beautiful, and treat her like a queen.

    Trust me brother. Attraction and sexual attraction takes work. Marriage is work. Have fun together outside the bedroom, have fun in the bedroom. Read some books about sex to spice things up. Don't just assume you will always be like newly weds. That's just lust when you first get married, then after marriage, sex changes and you need to take an active role in making your marriage work.

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