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My mother does black magic but my fiance and his family don’t believe me

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Magic and Magicians

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu dear brothers and sisters.
I don't know where to start as it's been going on for quite a while and it's really a long story.
The thing is . . .I suspect and am even quite sure that my parents do black magic. I wonder if you're gonna believe me but I have often seen them engaging in depraved and perverted activities. And when my brother left home for studies and it was just me at home(my sister would be out for school or play), my mother used to behave in such a satanic manner. . .shouting and attacking me for no good reason. She used to read something and blow on me and I know it made my life hell.  The clothes she'd give me to wear were so sheer and unislamic. I didn't know what to do. . . I started staying away from my family because of all this.

And then when we went to her hometown. . .she took me to the house of this aunt who lives in this secluded place. And she forced me to all this stuff. . .she forced me to look into the flame and told me that I'd see a white lady in it. I didn't look at it steadily and kept reading 'la hawla wa la quwwata illa billaah'. And then she used to give me water in which she'd drop these papers on which was a grid of numbers. I hated all that. Besides that too she's done a lot of depraved things which I omit for brevity.
I'd also like to mention that my grandmother is rumored to be a witch and so are others in the family.
Okay, and there was this another time when she took me to a so-called 'maulana'. They said they had done something with my name and my mother's name and come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with me. They came with four other men who looked at me in a very wolfish manner. All that scared me and I managed to get out of that hell-hole somehow. . . and then my cousins came back from school, so I was safe.
I'd also like to mention that I was regarded as very beautiful and my mother seemed to get upset when someone praised me. And she would often hit me at my face without much of a reason.

Having found no other ways out of it, I accepted a proposal for marriage from my immediate senior at my internship, and even after explaining all the things to him, he wouldn't believe that parents can do that to their children. . .and even when I do manage to make him listen, his family members fill his mind with "no parent can harm his children". Sometimes, I feel as if he's only pretending to agree (the little he does) with me for the sake of his lust. I mean I can still understand if others don't get why I don't have good relations with my parents, but this guy knows everything. What's more his brother went on to backbite about me to my parents and now my life is even more of a hell.

May Allah forgive me for complaining so much. I just thought I needed some advice.

And skeptics, please don't post. I have had enough of the kind of help you want to offer.



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  1. Dear sister my heart goes with u
    be brave be brave my be ur mon is not in her own conzrol this can happen so that doesnt mean u get mor scared.

    I suggest u be brave always be in, life lead ur good great life that canbe done just
    Following outer world.
    Br Md Iqbal

  2. as-salaam-u-alaikum-wr-wb ukhti..

    right that's just awkward.. and creepy and.. yeah..

    Anyhow.. from what i understand.. I think you should stay away from your Mother.. don't be rude to her or disrespect her.. but I think you should keep a distance from her.. play your role as a good daughter to an extent..

    As for this guy if he believes you then he does.. If he doesn't believe you then he doesn't.. you shouldn't be stressing over something that's not in your control.. you can only try to make them understand you can't force them to understand.. you've done what you could..

    Has the guy even said he doesn't believe you? or is this something that you've assumed?

    Generally it's quite hard for people to accept the idea of parents being so cruel to their children.. so they're just finding it tough to understand.. which is okay.. with time they'll get to see the truth if Allah wills..

    Don't let your past shadow your present.. what i mean by that is.. don't let how you're parents treated you in the past be an issue between you and your husband to be..

    Also.. you said you found no other way out of it.. so you jumped for this proposal.. which i don't see as a good idea.. you shouldn't be jumping for a proposal because you see that as an escape route.. you should consider him for marriage in accordance to whether he is a suitable match for you or not..

    You should be in search for someone who will love, understand and care for you not someone who will only lust for you..

    Perform Istikhara in regards to whether you should marry this Man.. If it is positive then go ahead.. If not then I suggest you take your time and do not rush in to things..

    Allah *swt* knows best..

    • wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu ukhti.
      Yes he has said that he doesn't believe me.
      Thanks for the advice.
      Jazaak Allaahu khair

    • Dear Nazo

      You gave a good advice but can u clear me on one said if istekhara came our rite...i mean i do understand istekhara and how it works, and there is no dreaming or anything. how can u say if it came out rite, is it not revealed with time when you make a decision or wait things to unfold

    • get yourself a cat. witches hate cats, and cats actually hate them too. only say8ng as I spent a long time getting rid of sihr, from a family that boasts avout their abilities using sihr.

      if your life is hell....get out if you can, you're not in sin for it, religion doesn't expect you to endure suffering.

  3. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu sister. I was quite surprised when i read this but understandable.

    I don't want to make you feel bad or anything but you do realize that your mother and other family members that are doing these acts are entering a war against Allah swt and his teachings. And according to Sharia, the people who uses black magic and such things should be condemned to death.

    And when you said that they said that there was something wrong with you i guess the meant that you were a muslims because muslims and magicans are archenemies.

    My opinion would be that you should talk to an imam and/or leave your mother forever because after all she did, there might come a time when she would do some kind of foul magic on you and it could be filled with pain, sorrow, fear and so on.

    But you should definetly talk to an Imam.

    And Allah knows best.

  4. Sis u really really need to do ruqya, to see if u are afflicted

    And sis I understand ur reason from wanting to go away from home, but plz dont end up with just any guy, do istikhara be careful with ur choice. In the meanwhile, say the morning evening azkars, do 5 times prayer, a lot of zikr and recite quran a lot, espeacially surah baqarah, it is very important, espeacially for u, Allaah knows best but it seems like ur family are likely to be magicians. May be also do ruqya upon ur mom, just incase she is possessed or something.

    But plz do ruqya based on quran and sunnah ONLY, be careful! I will try to post some info, in sha Allaah, if I remember. Im doing some research on it at the moment.

  5. salam
    please read this article as i think it will help you with your problem. and please join that website, inshallah it will help you ALOT.

  6. Assalamualaikum sister,

    May Allah make it easy for you. It is difficult to stay with such Kufr, especially when it is concerned with your parents.

    It is difficult for anyone to accept it, I know. Practice of Kufr, even learning it is Kufr. Allah does not like it. It is Shaitaan's work. Shaitaan teaches it to his friends among the humans.

    Using numbers, names of mothers, fire, etc. are all done in magic. So, it is quite clear that your mother is involved in magic in some way or the other. Her jealousy is from Shaitaan, she may harm you under the influence of the Shaitaan, too.

    Sister, for the magic done on you, I suggest you to practice the Ruqyah on your own. It is easy. Just refer to this booklet and read from it:

    You can even purchase a hard-copy from the website:

    Marry a man who is good in Deen and Dunya, who would shield you from kufr and would be your protector by Allah's Leave and His Wish. I do not know if the man you agreed to marry is good for you. Perform Salatul Istikhaarah with complete faith in Allah in order to know if this man is good.

    Learn the Aqeedah of the Sahaabah and their followers in order to make your Imaan and strengthen it, in sha Allah. If you know/understand Urdu, go to and you will find everything you need for your entire life, in sha Allah.

    I pray that Allah Protects you from evil, from Kufr and Shirk, from the jealousy of Jinn and Humans. Aameen!

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu brother,
      Aameen to your duaa. Jazaak Allaahu khair
      He doesn't seem to be bad but I'm worried that if he doesn't take my problem seriously, he won't even bother to protect me from my parents.

      • Trust in Allah and protect yourself through His Remembrance and by learning more and more about Aqeedah. In sha Allah, no Shaitaan will ever be able to harm you.

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  7. Thank you brothers and sisters for the advice

  8. Salamu alay kum, wow that is weird but I believe you because I suspect it in my family as well-not my immediate family thank God and because more and more people are practicing that kind of magic these days. It's quite pathetic. But you are a very smart, quick-thinking and brave girl to be entirely honest...Ma sha Allah. I hope your fiance/husband and you become closer and catch them doing it red handed. Better then that, i hope you parents quit and become good Muslims forever.

  9. I believe you! My older sister paid someone to do black magic on me and she ruined my whole life. I was only 18 years old when she did this to me. I am 35 years old now I suffered for 17 years. The black magic is still on me but I recently found out when my astrological chart was being checked and then I thought it makes sense why I felt suffocated, like I'm in a prison. Severe depression, feeling sad for no reasons, staying away from people that loves me, feeling stuck like I am in a maze and can't find my way out. Serious nasty nightmares and crying in my sleep. I told my dad but he laughed at me and told me to admit myself in the mental hospital, he always hated me so much. No I don't speak to him because as a father it I his duty to help, support and protect me but he pushed me away. I am being tormented and tortured and I can't take this much more its driving me insane. She caused me physical and mental stress. I use to trust her and I would do anything for her but now I hate her and I don't respect her as a older sister anyore, she is evil and she will go to hell after her death.

    • Sister Sakira, I am sorry for what you have had to see, but it is not for us to decide whether anyone goes to Hell or Paradise. And who told you your sister did the magic? A magician himself? An astrologer? Then know that he is a liar. Checking astrology charts is not a part of Islam but it is Kufr, something that Allah Has Prohibited. It is possible that the 17 years of suffering was due to the reason that you went to a wrong person for cure. The cure for magic exists in Quran and Sunnah. If Ruqyah is done correctly, Shaitaan runs for life or dies by burning.

      May Allah Make it easy for you. But sister, do not have a grudge against your sister if you were told by someone that she was the one who did it. Even if the person did correct ruqyah and asked the Jinn who the culprit was, Jinn can't be believed because Shaitan is the biggest liar, your bitterest enemy.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  10. You are not the only one. I believe you because I am going through a similar situation as you. I was just looking for how many others could possibly be out there with the similar situation as me. My parents do black magic too. I know my mom does for sure and her mom and her siblings and then whoever they choose to get married to become a part of it. My mom and her side of the family is all witchcraft. There are a few on my dad's side too. Everyday I pray to god and ask him "Why did you give me birth in a family and gave me relatives who have such little faith in you and worship the devil more and only pretend to beieve in you infront of people?" I found out my mother has been doing dark magic on me after I got married. My ex husband had a friend who was a pandit and then we met others to confirm if it was true. My mother and her siblings were jealous of everything about me. They started doing dark magic on me when I was seven years old and never stopped. The pandit told me they did it like three or four times everyday. I struggled a lot and did not reach where I needed to be in life and it does bother me and then I think maybe there must have been a God's will. I mean what else can I possibly say. He gives me birth in a witchy family where everyone comes attacking at me with dark magic for no reason. I expected a normal family and believed in hard work and you see the results according to that depending on the effort you put in. My ex husband found out all kinds of crazy things about my family that my mother was jealous of my looks, she was afraid of being smarter than her and educated. She could not tolerate anyone praising me or being successful and gave her best shot in dragging me down. She even tried to break my marriage and was not even participating in the marriage like how a normal mother would. She has been very unsupportive, has verbally abused me with every chance she got, insulted my ex husband, has even physically abused me in my younger years. This woman should have never deserved to have any kids. She is pure evil. She is one of those old evil ladies who would pretend like they give a damn infront of people and turn around and be abnoxious. I was protected and was being treated while I was married and after my divorce I'm starting to have a difficult time again. I moved back into my parent's house as I did not have another choice. I got ghosts attached to me or evil spirits me from my brother's room since he moved out. I could hear their whispers verbally abusing me day and night. You think your life is hell. My life is hell because my head and body is hurting constantly as these things are inserting things in my body and touching me all the time. I have no help or money to free myself from this situation. Anyone I tell has a lot of faith in God and say just pray and have strong faith in him. I have yet to experience a miracle in my life. I've already seen enough of the satanic activities in my life but I have yet to experience God's powers, grace, and love. People don't know what I'm going through and she made me sound crazy. This is how she killed my dad's mother and father. This witch is a murderer but there is no evidence to prove people who die from witchcraft. And, my dad just agrees with everything she says like a dummy. There is no point in even talking about him. He could not be a good father either. She tried to steal my luck, beauty and so on which I never even knew was possible till you actually meet people who know what they are talking about and how dark magic works. My marriage is broken. I wish he was still with me but I guess he could not take it. It was affecting him too. Noone wants to live under a spell or in a trap and have someone play with their life. There are psycho parents out there and I'm speaking from experience and do not take their negative comments lightly when they first begin with those comments. There's obviously a bigger reason. There is too much hate in this world and it comes in every shape and form and yes it can be your own parents and siblings. My younger sister is so jealous of me that I would not be surprised if I were to find out that she she is involved too. And, then they turn around make you look crazy. Be aware people. There's a lot of corruption in this world. What is a person to do who can't even feel safe around their own parents.

    • My dear sister ..The people of Musa(aleyhi Salam) believed that they will be overtaken by Pharoah and his people...And they said today we will be overtaken but prophet Musa Aleyhi Salam said, qalla(no), my lord is with me and he will guide me through. The sea then split and he walked through. his faith was strong that he will be saved and Allah did save him. I know u might be saying that is a prophet and we are ordinary humans but Through his story we also learn about satanism and magic and having the top sorcerer's against u and fighting u publically.. and Allah defeating them. I would say u should definitely look into reading manzil(found on internet) and listening to it. Please try to stay in wudu and make heavy dua and read at least one page of Quran everday. These magic forces will try that u stop reading Salah or Quran but please please please fight it. Its ur only hope. perhaps Allah is allowing u to witness these things so u learn to rely on him ...Also Read ayatul qursi in abundance, Surah fatiha ND Surah ikhlas Surah falaq and Surah Naas. dua Noor(found on YouTube) is also important and try to read prophetic duas for protection ...An app found on Appstore called Dua and azkar

    • Sister Navjeet, may I first ask if you are Muslim? If yes, then I know what we can speak about, however my situation is very very similar to yours and I would like to ask you some questions.

  11. Assalamualaikum,

    Dear friends, Im also going through a similar problem. My mum is a conservative Indian, and i am a Malaysian brought up lad working in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It all began when i refused to marry the girl of my mums choice. in 2013 i went to india to look for a bride. Initially i was not impressed with the girl. But somehow i said yes and got engaged.

    After that when i got back in KL, i got to know someone and then fell in love. That's when this drama started. My mum attempted to do all kind of things. they tried to put some kind of oil on my feet. I rejected. The girl i liked somehow stop communicating with me. And my parents took my nails and tried to attempt to change my heart, it was not just that.. much later i became impotent and couldnt have an erection. i knew that they tried to make me feel hopeless and it backfired as i met a spiritual healer to cure my problem.

    Ill die protecting whats right for my heart. It's 2 years now and they still have not called off the engagement.
    I'm stuck here in the middle. Now it's very clear that I will not marry the India girl because I have to protect Islam. Marrying her will destroy my future and my childrens future. The most hurting part, the person you grew up loving the most turned out to be your worst enemy. My mom literary blackmails me by telling that if i refuse to marry the girl, she will not bless and forgive me.

    Life is a struggle and insyallah, Allah will show me the way.

    • Brother Muhammad.

      You are one of the few brave people in the truest sense. I doubt you need any advice as you already are doing everything you possibly can. Maybe you can also try leaving Malaysia without telling your parents and make a life elsewhere?


      • Thank You so much brother, the war is still on going.. I will fight till the end, Allah is with me. Walking away would be pointless as if i leave then no one will give dakwah to them and bring them back to the straight path brother. I still have to give my best to save them from the hellfire. insyallah

  12. You are not alone my sister, I have been suffering from the shir that my blood sister dis since 15 years ego, yes all because of jealousy. keep learning about Islam and do self ruqiyah syar'i every single day. Allah loves you thats why He gave this test to you,my self, I have learned so much from this terrible desseas, so Alhamdulillah, I just wish that Allah will clear up my sin and I will be the winner in Akhirat. take care xoxo

  13. Assalamualaikum,

    I would like some sincere advice on the following situation.

  14. How is your life now sister?

  15. How did you get on?

  16. I posted this question seven years ago now. I googled it as I no longer have the old account info in my memory. Saw the question about how I am getting on. Well, I married him. I thought it was freedom, but it was just extradition. I tolerated his domestic violence. I can only go to Allah(swt) about it. Came to know that he is rumored to be a saahir himself. No wonder, i trusted him when I was paranoid about everyone else on the planet and trusted him despite how he treated me and was slavish to him despite all the beatings. And never mind further details. Well, I did the haraam thing of talking to a ghair mahram in the first place. How can it bring good anyway? So look at my example if you’re planning on haraam as a way of reaching good haha. And also, make dua for me, ya ikhwaan wa akhawaat.

    • Muslimah111, really appreciate you coming back and sharing your experience. May Allah guide you to a way forward, and give you the strength to follow it. We love you.

      Wael Editor

    • Dear Muslimah111, I can feel your pain sis. I actually came on google to search for information about mothers who do sihr in their daughters, coz that's the situation I'm in, and I found this forum and your story. I just want you to know that you're not alone. Keep fighting to protect yourself with prayers, du'a, Qur'an recitation, Tahajjud and Istikhara prayers. I'm in the fight of my life too. My mom dosen't want me to progress in any way. The jinn ashiq that's attached to me seems to have been sent by her and/or her ancestors (clearly an ancestral tradition). But prayers are defeating all of it and I'm living witness that Qur'an is truly the cure and shifa for all ailments. Stick to it and the sunnah. Allah SWT will get you through this. Please stay in touch. May Allah protect you always, aameen.

      • Quran, sunnah etc - that approach is not a long term solution - what works is having strong faith in yourself - in your own abilities and creating boundaries from toxic people including those who are indoctrinated and brain-washed by cult groups. Contemplation and will power - these are the serious tools of empowerment. You are your own strength - stay with the truth and free your mind from obedience to others. Fasting with pure food cleanses spirit body and mind and really helps provides CLARITY and builds one's own natural pure intuition for navigating through life.

        • No Name,

          You've got it backwards. What you speak of...self-empowerment, self-confidence, and intuition, are all Allah's gifts to whoever He chooses to have them. We are nothing without Allah. Everything we have and everything that comes to pass in this Dunya is according to Allah's pleasure and His oversight. Our job is to worship Allah and Him alone, for our doors to open, to receive from his mighty strength, and to be guided rightly. To say that we have everything we need inside of us is neglecting Allah's ownership over all He creates. We should certainly develop these qualities to the best of our abilities, but while acknowledging Allah's ultimate authority and His presence.



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