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I Promised Allah about wearing the Niqab, but my parents don’t want me to do so


I promised Allah that I would wear the Niqab because Allah is my reason to be who I'm today.  But my parents don't want me to wear it.  Even though some people  said that the Niqab is not required, I still want to wear it because our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wives were wearing it.  Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was obedient to ALLAH (SWT). I want to followed all his steps.  And be with ALLAH (SWT) by all the ways.  If the Niqab wasn't required, then why did our Prophet Muhammad (SWT) wives's wear it? I think that's is a proof about wearing the niqab.

I'm so confused now, I promised ALLAH (SWT) that I will wear the Niqab.

I don't want to disobey my parents because Allah says to obey your parents, But I promised ALLAH (SWT), THE MOST FORGIVING.

ALLAH (SWT) is my reason to be, my reason to see, talk, work, pray when I had many difficulties  to do all these stuff I'm doing right now.  And Allah save my life when I tried to commit suicide (Astaghfouroulahi) because my illness was stopping me to worship Him.

I started fainting on the end of November/2006, my illness got worse on 2009, and I stopped fainting on January/8/1o.  January/10/11 was my first year without fainting after 4 years of illness.

Now ALLAH (SWT) has helped me realise His promise to me by healing me, and giving me the ability to worship Him again without no problem.

So why I don't have to realize  my promise to My creator Allah (SWT) who created me when I was nothing, and grant me with his grace when I was nothing, and when everyone was hopeless without knowing the unseen?

I'm sorry about my english. This is my first year learning english.

LA-ILAHA ILA-LAHU (There is none worthy of worship but Allah).

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  1. As salamu alaykum, Majula,

    Allah(swt) knows your Heart, listen to your thoughts, acknowledge your struggles, and He commanded us to respect and obey our parents, then He knows about what you are going through, Alhamdulillah.

    At this moment in your life you should obey your parents, when the time is right you will be able to take your decisions under your own responsibility, but for now you are under your parents custody, please listen to them, when the time is right, you will feel it inside, that will come smoothly without the need of fighting, at that time, even when your parents may disagree, they will accept it, insha´Allah.

    Allah (swt) knows best.

    María Editor

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamthallahi Wabarkathuhu Sister,

    Mashallah, i'm so happy to hear about the fact that you want to wear not an easy choice to make and requires alot of courage especially if you;re living in a non-islamic country. I l also wear the niqab for the same reasons that you have mentioned, i personally feel its necessary but obviously some scholars say its not nonetheless, Allah(swt) will still reward you for this deed.

    My parents were not against it ...they were happy that i became more religious especially living in a non-islamic country where the western culture has a great impact. There're some great videos on youtube by a brother saying that it is good to wear niqab especially in times of fitna...maybe try showing these to your parents. Have you asked the reason why they dont want you to wear it? Afterward, you can find the solutions to these problems and change they're mind, inshallah.

    Sorry, Sis, i might not be of great help. but the thing i dont understand is you're trying to get more closer to our creator but you're parents are stopping that?? Maybe your parents do have a real reason..maybe they fear the society will be less accepting..its hard to get a job with niqab and obiviously you;re doing it for Allah(swt)'s sake so inshallah he will make it easy it for you Sis.

    Best of luck Sis..and May Allah(swt) help you with your illness and ease any difficulties you may have.

    • Sister SLMuslimah, you are extremely fortunate to have parents who supported you when you became more religious. Many muslims, like the questionar and myself , will face strict opposition, first and foremost from parents (who by the way ARE muslims) if we choose to become more and more religious. What I find surprising is you not understanding why her parents would oppose, lol...of course its wrong of them to oppose however maybe its just personal experiences that allow me to know her situation so well.

      Sister, ive been through similar experiences. Right now I would probably be niqabi had my parents once said 'we'd love to see u in niqab' instead of hating the thought of me in it. Ive been through times where I hid wearing the niqaab from them....I believe its mustahab ...if it was fardh then it would have been a whole diff situation where it wouldnt matter what they thought and u HAD to do it, (like for example, no matter what our parents think of hijab, we gotta wear it coz its fardh).
      But as niqaab is mustahab and obeying your parents waajib, then ...judge for urself. Which one takes precedance?

      I believe strongly that if you put ur utmost at obeying your parents, respecting them and being patient with them and WAIT until u get the opportunity to practice ur deen the way you want to, then Allah swt WILL open doors for you to he did with the Sahaba remember ? 🙂
      Inshallah you may be gifted with a pious husband soon with whom u can then wear niqaab and do patientand do lots of DUA.


  3. Assalamu aleikum sister confused...

    Your English stands on its feet.

    Where did you know that "Prophet´s wives used to wear Niqab (veil)".
    Others can answer my question...jazakallah.

  4. بعد بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم والصلى والسلام على سيد المرسلين وعلى اله وصحبه الطيبين الطاهرين الى يوم الدين اما بعد السلام عليكم ورحمه من الله وبركات اختي في الله اظن بانك تقراين العربيه ولذلك اقول نصيحه للاخت الغاليه وفقك الله على طاعته فلا رحمه بعد رحمته ولا قوه الا باذنه توكلي على الله وتنقبي لامرين اولهما انك تسعين الى رضا الله ورسوله والسير على نهج امهات المسلمين وبامر من رب العالمين مباشر لسيد الخلق وخوفك من غضب ابيك هاذا ياتي من قبلك فانتي حسنت الملافظ طيبت الكلمات ولا اظن بان احد يحبك اكثر من ابيك ولو رفض في البدايه سيفرح لاحقى في وقت عاجل لانه سيرا امور كثيره في النقاب فاكثير الخروج معه وسيرا احترام الناس لك وله من قبل المسلمين صدقيني يا اختي لا طاعه لمخلوق على معصية ربه وادعو لك برضى الله قبل كل شيء ورضا الوالدين واستودعك الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه

  5. I am personally not of your religion, and coming from a strictly religious family I am told to spread the words of my religion, but I think I should be respectful of other people's beliefs and preach when it's actually necessary. Which doesn't include here.

    I admire your courage for making you choice, wearing the niqab. I know you must feel confused. Sometimes two and two doesn't come together and it requires a lot of bravery and a lot of thinking. But it would be awesome if you could stick with your promise. Obeying your parents is very important, but sticking with your belief is as important.

  6. my dear sister in islam,may allah the most high reward you for decsing on such great matter which would most certainly transform your life for better.

    however my sister i wouyld honestly advice you to ask an imam because most people here inclucluding my self have a very basic understaning and knowledge of deenal islaaam . therefore please ask an imam that is on the qur'an and sunnah.

    may allah preserve you and keep you srtong on it if you decide to put it.

  7. m indian,i promised allah i'll wear naqab and now i fulfill it.... Obviously, m modern girl it takes alot of courage to take this decision and implement... Many of my frnd are not wearing naqab..when we go to the market i feel somewhat tempted they are looking gorgeous with beautiful hairs,highheel...i instantly recall darling this is damn Nafs...i have to control... I m dressed to please creator not creations.. 🙂

  8. Assalamu Alaykum Majula! I hope you are doing well. If you promised Allah the Merciful that you would wear niqab, you should do it. Your parents will probably against the change at first and then will warm up to the idea of you wearing the niqab.

    -Zainah Jamil

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