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My parents like my sister more than me

Two sisters

Two sisters

i am 11 years old and sometimes i feel like my life isn't normal. my parents like my elder sister more than me. she gets whatever she wants. she back talks to mom n dad.

i help my mom in everything even when im the smallest.

my sister got a phone when she was in class 2 and now im in class 7 n i cant have one!

i dont know what to do! i know that life would be better if i would disappear. i want to suicide or runaway from home.


- smallgirl

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  1. So you moderators can post these sort of questions but not genuine ones that actually turn to you for help?

    • There are certain questions that I move to the front of the queue. Usually those are emergency situations. But I also move questions from children to the front, because they don't have the perspective or experience to solve problems on their own, and they may not have the patience to wait a month or more for their question to be answered.

      Wael Editor

    • Assalaamualaikam

      An 11 year old girl is so upset she has thought about suicide and running away from home. Please try to show some compassion.

      Midnightmoon editor

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    It can be really hard to feel like you don't get the same treatment as a brother or sister. There can be a number of reasons. But what matters is that this is upsetting you.

    Try to speak with your mum or dad about how bad you are feeling. They might not know - and if they find out they may well want to try to make things better.

    If you can't speak to your parents, then speak to a teacher at school. It's important to get help and for an adult to know you are unhappy.

    Remember that Allah loves you and has a plan for you - inshaAllah one day you will be rewarded for the good you do in your life. And remember that you have brothers and sisters in Islam around the world... and we all love you for the sake of Allah.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Dear Smalgirl,

    I also ever felt the same with you. I have two brothers and i am the only one daughter. In my family tradition, son is a priority, he is treated like a king. All my brothers can get everything they want easily. And for me, i wanted something, my parents always give me many conditions. I always helped my parents and my brothers did not. It was very unfair. I felt dumped. I often cried in my bedroom. Sometime i wanted to run away from home. But i did not do it, because i love my parents, i do not want to make them sad or angry because of me. So, i tried to encourage myself: "i also could get what i want without i asked my parents like my brothers did". I study hard, to make my parents proud of me. And it worked. Alhamdulillah I always got top rank at my school, my parents were very happy and proud. I got scholarship since junior high school (until now i am currently PhD student) not only for my tuition fee but also saving and life expenses. I also did part time job since my first year of undergraduate student. I can buy everything I wanted without ask to my parents. Even now i am the most independent children of my parents and my parents ask me to continue their bussiness because they believe me more than my brothers.
    Just face the situation make it as your motivation for your better life 🙂

  4. Hey sweety dont worry it may seem like ur parents like her more but as a mother it's not possible ti love one kid more. Your parents are prob nicer to her as to avoid arguments. You continue being a good girl get better marks at school a better daughter and see all.The good things Allah.reward you with
    Sorry writing from phone so auto correct is putting period everywhere.

  5. Sir i have a question will you help me?

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