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Parents opposed to our love

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I have been talking to "J" who is Muslim, we have been for more than 2 years now. Recently  "J"  told their parents about us and they said it's either them or me. I don't really know how to go about the whole situation. We both love each other and don't want to part but J also doesn't want to lose their family. I know the reason is because I'm not Muslim I am  also american and that could be a factor but I think they are more upset that I'm non- Muslim. I would definitely be willing to convert and it's my choice 100%. im not sure if they would possibly warm up to the idea eventually or what I just need some advice. Thank you


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  1. Converting for the sake of a marriage won't work I'm afraid. There are numerous examples of failed marriages in this scenario. I don't believe all marriages will fail if someone converts, but most will.

    You should convert because Islam appeals to you, you believe in the way of life Islam teaches and because you ultimately believe in only one God and his final messenger, Muhammad PBUH..

    He will make a decision, personally if I were him, if you are a christian or a jew I would continue the marriage because not even parents should come between a couple if they are happy. Unless there is something fundamentally wrong. You haven't said you're planning on raising your children as non-muslims, but perhaps that's the reason why the are so reluctant.

    If you are not a Muslim, Christian or a Jew, he should not be married to you in the first place and that is 100% his fault.

    1. Find out what you believe in deep down, do you believe in the principles of Islam or not?
    2. Allow your husband to make a decision and accept it because Islam is a way of life and he must follow that way of life.

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