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Parents will not let us marry because of caste

No castes in Islam

There is no caste in Islam

I am facing a issue. We both like each other but due to caste difference our parents are not agree.. boy's parents think that i am a greedy lady and i am wanting this just for money. They get rid him from house just for demanding to marry me. His whole family cut off from him he is living in a hostel now a days just for demanding marriage.

Here my father also not agree. He says that if you want to marry him then boy's parents should come but they are also not agreed.

While both of us have a strong understanding make our parents agree we have spent two years but no progress still. We even never met alone because he wants to even see me after marriage he doesn't want to take any illegal step.

For me he is very ideal and perfect. Then what should i do? Is there any concept of caste in islam??? i don't want to leave him.

- Samia

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  1. Salaamu Alaikum
    Make Istikhirah, say your Astighfir'Allah, fast and be patient. If you can get your Imam or someone with knowledge involved to talk to both your parents. Make sure he is serious about marriage. There is no caste in Islam. A man can marry a woman for 4 reason, 1. beauty, 2. family status, 3.wealth and 4.deen. Deen being the best.We will make du'a for you. May Allah grant you success.Ameen

    Importance of Marriage in Islam

    In Islam marriage being an obligatory act is so important that it is declared to be one half of single Muslim’s faith. We can also say that Marriage Half Deen of Muslims. It is narrated by Anas that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.” Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) also married and encouraged others to get married by saying: “A person who he is able to support a wife and children and does not marry then he is not from us.” Marriage has great importance in Islam, it emphasizes on not to delay in marriage as there is another Hadith of Prophet (SAW) related to marriage is: “Do not delay in three things; i) The offering of the compulsory prayer. ii) The offering of the funeral prayer when the dead body is present. iii) The marriage of a woman when her match is found”

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