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Her parents are refusing marriage but I don’t know why – maybe because of caste?

broken heart

I love her a lot since last years. She is junior to me. She also at first she was little confused but at last we decided to make a try. She told her mother and her refused on what bases I do not know. because she is not in my connection since (we have even very little conversion before this). I am trying to forget her but not succeeding. I am confused what should I do. My parents are also strict and they had refused to help me too. Please guide me.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    We have little information on which to base any advice. For example: how did you meet? have there been haraam interactions between you? why do your parents oppose you marrying her? how old are you both?

    Based on what you have told us, my advice would be:-
    - caste has no place in Islam, so shouldn't be a barrier to marriage; if this is an issue, it might help for an imam or respected member of the community to explain this.
    -if you wish to, you could formally propose, with or without your parents' assistance,as if you are both of legal age to marry then only her wali needs to approve.
    - it isn't ideal to go ahead without family support, so maybe ask your parents why they are opposed and see if you can win them round to support you.
    - if the girl or her wali doesn't accept your proposal, then there is little else you can do, but trust in Allah's plans and know that He will have something better planned for you.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Yes, I have some of the questions as midnightmoon. I too was wondering why your parents refuse to help you. You said they are strict, but how does that equate to not helping you get married?

    In any case I agree with all of midnightmoon's suggestions.

    Wael Editor

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