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Performing Nikah over the internet, right or wrong?

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I am a convert and the man who wishes to marry me was born Muslim.  We have never met face to face.  We wish to marry.  I have prayed istikhara regarding this matter and feel this is the right direction.

I know nothing of nikah marriages and am the only Muslim in my family.  I do not know what I should do or ask.  I am in the US, he is in Saudi Arabia.  It is not a matter where he wishes to come to the US.

I don't wish to enter a marriage and think I understand things when I do not.  The area I live in, there are no masjids, no other Muslims.  I don't know what to do and where to turn or what to look up on the internet (and even then, what information is accurate).

What do I do?

~ Sarah Jasmine 73.

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  1. Sister Sarah, Assalamu'alaikum,

    I Praise Allah, Who Has Guided you to Islam and Chose you among many others around you to be one of the Muslims. You should be happy and thank Him, too.

    Secondly, the man you refer to has not seen you. This doesn't sound good. You can not trust just anyone, if you know what I mean. Whether he is in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, I think you should see him in presence of your father or someone among your male relatives. Call him over to the US for that purpose, as you going with your relative doesn't sound easy to me.

    If you like him, you can go ahead and marry him (not over the phone, as there maybe a lot of confusion and it may also involve deception).

    If you choose to marry him, your Wali could be the Imam himself, as you said none of your family is Muslim yet. But sister, make sure that you have known the intention of this man well. Because fraudsters are very common these days. Make sure he is looking for a long term/eternal relationship and his intentions are clear. In sha Allah, your Istikhaarah will work well here.

    May Allah Give you the perfect man

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

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