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Performing Umrah and Dua



I feel very blessed, that next month, I'll be going to Makkah and Medina for the very first time in my life with my parents to perform umrah In Sha Allah.  These past two years have been a very difficult and trying times and this website has been a great source of advice and comfort. I feel very lucky and blessed to be given a chance to do this journey, to repent, ask for forgiveness, and to strengthen my connection with allah swt. I have tried to research as much as possible, so i am prepared for the journey.

i have the read the post/section specifically relating to dua on this website and it was very helpful in answering questions about the conditions in which dua should be made, and I want to take the opportunity of course during this blessed journey and throughout the experience to make as much Dua' as possible, but  is there any specific method which we should follow when making dua? Also, I have read and heard that the very first sight/look of al-Ka'ba, your Dua' is accepted. Does this mean that only one Dua' can be made and answered at the first sight of Kaaba or does it mean that all Dua's I make in this moment will be answered Insha Allah? Is there any duas that are recommended/best to recite during this time?

I'm Sorry if I'm confusing or the question may seem silly, but i really don't want to make any mistakes, and feel unsure what duas are correct to be recited. I hope you would help me sort my thoughts and reply to my question soon since my trip is getting very close.




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  1. Slm my brother. Alhamdulillah am happy for you for going to the makka and madina for umrah. May Allah accepts our ibadah Amin. Is recommended that when you sight the kaaba u make a duaa and ask Allah SWT for forgiveness and his mercies and prayed for a successful umrah. And I think you can download a book or at play store on your Android phone how to perform umrah and you will see them steps by steps and more duaa inside. Please i need your prayers too my name is Fatima. Please give my salaam to our dear Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Companions. May Allah make your journey safely. Amin

  2. brother hajj is necessary in islam, hajj is not performed for duas and its acceptance if you are going for the purpose of making duas then there is no use of it.

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