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Shared pictured on FB; feeling depressed.

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I am a girl age 15 and i really need help i have made a mistake and last year i regret it i added someone who is from neighboring city on my Facebook account and he saved my pictures and made a fake account of it he didn't do anything though accept it......i already said him sorry and said a lot about Allah that he consider this a sin then he deleted that account after a month he deleted that account and said he forgave me but i cant feel secure and every time i am depressed if something happened i cried a lot and asked Allah for forgiveness and am always asking for forgiveness.

please help me how to feel safe and never getting into this type of trouble any Islamic advice please.


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  1. Salaams,

    It sounds like you learned a valuable lesson from your mistake. Thankfully the account he created for you has been closed and can cause no further harm.

    If you want to avoid such problems in the future, there are several things I can suggest you do. For one, set your privacy settings on Facebook to where only your friends can see your page and posts. For two, and this is very important at your age, only have "friends" who are female or mahram male- NO NON-MAHRAM MALE FRIENDS! Also, don't post any photos of yourself where you are not fully covered in hijab. Finally, don't give out any personal pictures of yourself unless you know the person well OUTSIDE of Facebook.

    If you follow these guidelines, the chances of something like this happening again are almost nonexistent.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Forgive ur self n move on u bth learnt something here

  3. Why are you apologizing to HIM, sister? It's illegal to steal other people's identities, this guy could have gotten in to serious trouble if you had just reported him to the police. You should have told him that if he doesn't voluntarily delete your pictures and the fake Facebook account he has made with your pictures and name, you'll make sure that the police will make him do it.

  4. Also, in the future...stop adding people that you don't know who are and who you don't trust.

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