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I’m planning to marry my boyfriend when I’m eight months pregnant. Does Islam allow this?

Pregnant teenI'm seven months pregnant and me and my boyfriend planning to get married when I'm eight months pregnant.

But my brother and father said according in our Islam religion a girl cannot get married once the baby has been fully formed in her stomach.

They say its haraam and that I should wait till after I give birth.

Now I just want to know if its true?

- Zainy


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  1. Salaam My Sister,

    I too have heard these sayings about pregnancy, however after some brief research I have discovered that it is not totally clear.

    Because sex before marriage is regarded as a grave sin and a crime, and your pregnancy outside of wedlock is evidence of this - it may be difficult for you to find an Imam to marry you. If you were in an Islamic country for example, living under Sharia Law, there would be a penalty for such acts and opportunity for repentance and a different process for you (unless you are pregnant from a previous marriage which would then be a different story).

    Some jurists state that you must be cleared for fornication before you are allowed to be married (either through a period of time, repentance or punishment), others say that a man may marry the woman he has fornicated with.

    Best thing to do would be to phone your local mosque (or whichever mosque you intend to get married in) and ask them if they will marry you whilst you are pregnant, and therein you shall find your answer. I would call more than one before I conclude whether it is possible or not.

    If you are in UK, many mosques now will ask you for your civil wedding certificate before they will marry you as well, so I would ask them what else you need to arrange for them to conduct marriage for you.



    • hey lila your right but she can't be a muslim if she had sex before marrage you should pray to allah to forgive you or this would have to be ask onthe day of jugment that why you had sex before marrage and you made a crime inyour life god bless you,

      • Fatama, you are not correct in the things you are saying. It's not right to say "she can't be a Muslim if she had sex before marriage." Even Muslims make mistakes and commit sins. It does not throw her out of the religion or make her a non-believer. She needs to make tawbah and repentance to Allah. But she is still Muslim.

        Also, it's not correct that "a Muslim should only get married once" as you said. Of course that is the ideal, but real life sometimes doesn't go the way we want, that is why divorce is allowed in Islam, even though it is not preferred.

        If you are going to advise people then you must get a little more Islamic education and advise people with correct Islamic knowledge, instead of just what you've been told or what you think in your own opinion.

  2. i'm a mulim 17years of age i know your dad and brother is riht but a muslim should only get marred once and then when her or his wifeor husband died they could get marred i know your parents are right.

    • Fatama,

      Your opinions do not represent Islam at all.

      Allah has permitted 'Divorce' in the Quran; so for you to say that a Muslim should only get married once until her/his spouse dies does not make any sense. Read Surah Nisa for evidence of this. As Brother Wael pointed out, divorce is highly disliked, but is not forbidden.

      Fatama, if you lack knowledge in a certain area, it is better to refrain from giving advice about it until you have aquired correct knowlegde on it.

      Iqra - Read up my dear.


    • Fatma please please please I beg u to read surah bakrah and understand it bcz your totally wrong.

  3. Fatma i agree with SisterZ and brother Wael, before giving any advice you might wanna read more and educate yoyrself islamically, and the best way read the Quran and you will find out if divorce is permitted or not.

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