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Is playing video games for time pass allowed in Islam?

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Video Games

Salam Brothers and sisters,

I know that wasting time is not allowed in Islam but still we need to do something to relax and recharge our minds. I use to play a lot of video games. But after I become very religious I stopped playing it because i felt that it would like a distraction or may cause delay in Salah OR may be that time I should utilize in doing something productive like Learning Arabic, learning more about Islam, etc.

But sometimes i feel really exhausted and then i really don't feel like either learning Arabic or increasing knowledge about Islam or similar things.

I don't have any other hobbies. I had a hobby of drawing cartoons and later when I read in Quran that it is not allowed then I stopped that. I avoid watching TV serials, movies, listening to music and similar stuff. Please first try to put yourself in my position and then give me any suggestions.

Any help would be really appreciated.


~ syedkamran

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  1. Salaams,

    The first rule in any activity that is not clearly identified as being either halaal or haram is whether you have doubts as to whether you should do it. If you feel the activity is questionable or makes you feel uncomfortable, you should let it be because the Prophet SAWS advised us to leave alone that which is doubtful.

    After that, there is no clear prohibition on video games or other types of games as recreation. However with video games, many have inappropriate content, themes, or language which should be avoided by a striving Muslim. If the games you like to play are appropriate enough for a young child, and you are able to manage the time you spend playing them in such a way that it doesn't interrupt your duties and obligations, then I feel it is at the same level of permissibility as any other leisure activity.

    You're right, we all need things to de-stress and balance our lives. A general rule of thumb is that if you find yourself engaging in leisure activities more and more, this may indicate that you are getting more stressed without realizing it and need to re-evaluate your life so that it's brought back into balance.

    -Amy Editor

  2. salam brother,,,
    Alhamdulillah,u hav been blessed such a strong Imaan.May Allah increase the strenght of u and we all.actually,brother,regarding your question i hav no perfect and appropriate solution to your im gona exchange my seldom knowledge with but dnt worry there r many more here will be posting u with satisfying ans Insha'Allah.
    brother,,i also used to play video games very the way,not very much infact i was addicted to playing video if in your case u r kind of addicted then i think u should avoid to play video games too frequently,instead play once in a while i mean not like addiction.bcz addiction to any game is haraam so far i know although i did not read it anywhere but i heard from a very religious person.if i m wrong then it will be confirmed by the other authors..i must mention that,unlike u, i stopped playing video games bcz i lost interest...
    anyway,there is an Ayaath in Surah Bakarah in which Allah tells us not to harm ourselves.u knw playing video games harm our eyesight.besides that we also know that Allah neither likes a miser nor a excess money-spender who spends money for his needless luxury.and another thing which u already mentioned in your post that wastage is not encouraged in u knw that our prophet SAWS used lick his all the fingers so that no food is in my opinion,playing video games is discouraged by many of the the way,,it wouldbe better if u consult a good renowned Scholar so that u can get your answer with enough the way,u said u dont even watch tv or listen tk music but sometimes u get bored.In that case u can use your tv not by watching movies or all that ,instead u can listen to Quran recitation,Quran translation and lectures of islamic expert regarding Hadiith and a day,there r many islamic channels u can watch these channels.Internert surfing can also be great help to u in this case.u can visit islamic websites or even u can open a website of your own where u will also be sharing islamic views.For the current social network system facebook dominates u can open an islamic page and spread islam.if u live with your family then u can join them for the household chores at your leisure time.Especially,focus on your studies more which will help u achieve a good result as well as off your boring time go.otherthan facebook there r many more netwrks whre u can open another islamic page and spread islam.u can also utilize your leisure time on reading cross literature ir something like that but the best would be to study Hdith and Quran.we muslim r very much interested in reading fake love stories,life of pi,life of shakespear etc but unfortunately we borher not the least to study the lives of great islamic idols like the four Caliphs,the four Imams,lives of Hasan and Hussain,lives of Ayesha u can spend uour leisure time on reading these books.there r many means of ways in which u can pass your time.
    hope this was helpful...
    may Allah help u,,Ameen..

  3. As-salamu Alaykum,
    I do not have a specific opinion on video games as some people play them in moderation while others quickly get addicted. You know best which category you fall into and should decide accordingly. Personally, I don't care much for video games but sometimes play games that challenge and strengthen the mind, such as Scrabble, Sudoku, Boggle, chess, logic puzzles, and others. I do not get addicted and view these games as mental exercises that hopefully help keep my mind active and sharp.

    Regarding your other hobby (drawing), I think you should pursue it, especially if you are able to channel it into something beneficial. While scholars have differing opinions about drawing, many of them say it is okay for educational purposes, like illustrated books for children. If you are extremely uncomfortable drawing faces, you can obscure them or focus on other types of drawing. You might even pursue graphic design as there is a huge market for book covers, logos, brochures, etc., both within the Muslim community and out. I myself gave up drawing for a long time but have recently started again and find that it really stimulates my sense of creativity and heightens my appreciation of the world around us. I mean, if you try to draw a leaf, for example, you will be forced to examine it closely and notice the structure and beauty of it in a way that you might not if you only held it in your hand for a minute.

    I also enjoy reading and feel it is important for a Muslim to read many different kinds of books in order to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world.

    For me personally (and I realize this is not about me), I truly find it difficult to get bored. In my opinion, boredom comes from not having something you are passionate or curious about to occupy your time. There are so many interesting things you could do with your time. Someone could, for example, pick up an electricity set for children and tinker around with it or just try anything new and interesting for a change.

  4. Quit cold turkey. Video games are entertaining but they're a complete waste of time. Focus on Islam and remember Allah for the best reward. This life is temporary so convince yourself to work hard and it will be worth it in the Hereafter. May Allah give you the highest rank, assalamu alaikum.

  5. I was in the same positon just 6 months ago. But then, when I realized it, I completely left playing any game on mobile, PC or any console. I was hurt very much in the start, but I overcame it within no time. You should not necessarily do Arabic leaening etc. which ia quite tiring work. You should simply read Islamic books, or listen dialogues, lectures etc. You should write articles and express your views. Do not miss this last work, because people like you have very good ideas hidden in mind. You can help others learn Islam.
    I should tell you that the biggest support to me was a Hadees, which touch me to heart deeply. Remeber it and read it daily. You will feel much easy, but never ever let near games. I deleted all games to stop me. You should not go near the ways and requirements of games, and you will forget them.
    The Hadees is:-
    عن أبي حريرة رضي الله عنه قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه(ترمذي و أبن ماجه)ه.
    "It is in the excellence of Islam of a person to leave what does not benefit him (or concern him). (Tirmizi and Ibn e Maja) .

  6. Allah says in Quran,
    Obey Allah and Obey Messenger and those amoung you in authority.
    but now adays our authories dont implement sharia Law. If Games are not according to Islam then they should be banned by authorities.

    • Yes, they should be. You are right. They are a big source of infusing Western propaganda in our children and even adults minds.

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