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I want Allah to know that I want him to let me die now please.

Allah Tests who He Loves

Do not Despair, After Darkness will come Light

hi my name is wasim.

I wanted to say this so Allah knows it's not for a bad reason. i want Allah to know that i want him to let me die now please, life is not good now in every way possible i can't take it and i wish that Allah  makes me die now or someone else just kills me please. today i just conformation i was 30 points short from entering university to do an applied criminology course i got  170/200 and now i'll never be able to go to university. and also i am 18 years old now and have been trying to get a part- time job for 2 years now and can not find any. at night i feel scared and let the tears come out of my eyes and i don't tell anyone.

I'm an above average weight and the spots on my face never go and i find it hard to learn quran because i always forget and i can't pray and i never had a girlfriend before and I Also never kissed and girl before and never loved anyone before and don't have any friends since i was a small boy. everywhere i live the people don't like me and when i was in secondary school the boys bully me take my food and money and girls tease me on how ugly i am and how fat i was. also people on the buses here in London always look at me and decide not to sit next to me when there is an empty space and also i wish that Allah knows that even though my whole life was not good i do smile sometimes when i get to visit my baby cousin.

I want to end it now Allah Please just give my blessings to someone who deserves it more than me like someone in poverty and help them or cure someones illness i want to die in their place i would happily accept it.

Wasim Mannan.

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  1. What you should ask from Allah is to stop writting and thinking nonesense!, you are 18... for a second I thought you were 81 and dying for a terrible thing or something... but come on, this is just a tantrum for a teen.

    I'm 29, not a muslim but learning and I came here to this forum a few months ago asking for advice cause I had a realtionship with a muslim boy and I didn't want him to go to hell for it... now I'm learning about Islam and letting myself get in to it, and for I have learned you thinking like this is a big dissapointment.

    First of all, not entering college is not the end of the world, I also lost one year to get in to college but I didn't lay on the floor whining, I gave it another try and I got in, and I'm now on a masters. and I'm also a chubby girl, never had a boyfriend, and I had to see all the other girls having a lot of boyfriends and I used to thought "I'm never going to have that"...

    but, you know what? is really not worth it go trough life being treated like an object, so I decided to no give it a lot of thought and I found now an incredible muslim boy, who I used to date, but now that I want him to be a good muslim and not to take bad ways he understand it and he is still with me but now teaching me about Islam and we are talking about getting married .

    So, here is my advice: pick yourself up the floor, dust yourself off and..... what's your plan B?, and think as a man, not as a poor kid wanting to end the life Allah gave him... Allah is not going to take you with Him until you have finished to do what He intended you to do in this life... don't dissapoint Him

  2. Brother Wasim, As-salamu alaykum,

    I'm sorry to hear that you did not pass your exam, and that you've had difficulties with your body weight and skin tone. The good news is that you probably have the ability to change many of these factors. But you have to get out of this "I want to die" self-pity mode and start making positive changes in your life.

    First, why do you say you can never go to university? Can't you study and then re-take the exam at a later date? I don't know what country you are in, and every country has a different system. In Egypt, where my parents are from, students with top scores might go to medical or engineering college, while students with lower scores might go to agriculture, for example. Here in the USA, if you can't get into a top university you can still go to a community college. Community colleges might not have the prestige of a major university, but you can still get training and a degree.

    So I don't know your system, but instead of giving up, find a way. When you face an obstacle, instead of throwing up your hands and saying, "I give up," increase your determination to overcome it.

    As far as your physique and skin, do you eat well and exercise? If not, then begin. Get into some kind of physical program. I teach martial arts so of course I favor that. You get in shape and you also learn valuable self-defense skills, and maybe make friends in the process.

    Eliminate all junk foods from your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible, lean meats and fish, and drink plenty of water. Also keep in mind that skin acne is often a teenage problem, and sometimes you just have to wait it out.

    You say you can't pray. I doubt that very much. Don't make excuses. Instead of focusing on what you perceive as your weaknesses, try to become aware of Allah's blessings in your life, for they are all around you. Do your prayers, and ask Allah for help.

    And brother Wasim, some of these things that you think are so terrible are actually blessings! You are complaining about never having had a girlfriend and never kissing a girl. These things are haram, brother. So in reality Allah has protected you and kept you pure for your future wife. I hope you will remember that one day when you are older and you've overcome these physical problems and you are educated and employed. When that happens, do not seek haram. Get married and satisfy you desires in a lawful way.

    I was extremely lonely and confused as a teenager. Alhamdulilah, life changes. Nothing ever stays the same. Put your trust in Allah swt, for He is the best of guides. Call on Him, and strive to please Him.

    Try to break out of your self-pity and become active. Study, exercise, eat well. Change your life. See my IslamicSunrays blog, as I think some of the articles may benefit you, Insha'Allah.

    Also please read my page on suicide. I know you are not actively suicidal, but I think the advice will help you.

    Wael Editor

  3. Brother Wasim Mannan,

    Please brother, take a breath. Look into your heart and mind. Allah is there with you. He is next to you. He is the voice of reason that encouraged you to post this message and ask for help. He will not fail you. He will always be there for you. He has a plan for you.

    Life is a struggle. Allah planned it that way. It is his will. It may not seem easy. Some people seemingly have it easy. Others have to overcome so much just to make it through the day.

    But we do not know what is in the heart and mind of others, only what is in our own mind. Allah is testing you, preparing you, molding you to become a pious man. He allows Shaytaan to try to tempt us, deceive us, and abuse us, because he is using this to help us gain wisdom. Do not allow Shaytaan to take you down to his life in the gutter.

    Allah knows he has great plans for you, so he is allowing Shaytaan to have a crack at you. He has bigger plans for you than others, because he tests you more than others. You cannot know the will of Allah, but you can know that in the end, he will judge how you react to this adversity, and he will judge you fairly. What is His plan? We cannot know. But we can know that if you take your own life, you will never be able to play the role He has planned for you.

    It could be anything. Maybe there is a young woman nearby who needs a strong man because she has a difficult home. She may need someone like you who must be strong for her. Maybe a cousin of yours, or a niece or nephew will suffer a crisis, and Allah will use the strength he is building in you to protect them from some evil in the world. I know this seems hard now, but it will make your future struggles easier, because you will learn to turn to Allah, trust Allah, and to embrace His will. It will not be easy. But you will be a better man for it.

    Allah wants you to follow His will. He needs you to prove yourself to yourself. I know that right now, I need you, too. I need your strength, your unique perspective, your faith in Allah, your humanity. For without it, I will suffer, and everyone in the world will suffer, because without you, Allah will have one less pious man for all of us to depend on. It is a dangerous and difficult world. Full of people who hate, full of evil. We all suffer if there is even one less pious Muslim to stand with us. I need you! We all need you.

    I will offer dua for you, brother. Also know that many others will as well. We stand with you.


  4. Salaam brother,

    I am sorry to hear of what you have been through - it is sad that you did not make your university course. I know when a lot of negative things happen it can be difficult to see the positive but there is a positive in it it somewhere. I knew a sister who wanted to be a doctor - she studied medicine but unfortunately she failed at the end. Unsurprisingly she was very upset.

    She began to look for other things to do and she found she had an artistic flair - she actually found a new love (Art) and pursued an education and career in that. She is much happier Alhumdulilah and in reality it was a blessing. I hope this offers some solace to you - there is always a way if something is good for you - its never a case of never. And God never closes a door without opening a window.

    These trials you have could deep down be blessings brother - if they bring you closer to God and turn you to Him.

    Also these trials will pass InshaAllah - they always do. I spent much of my teenage years in a room next to the classroom in tears because of what the kids said to me. "Ugly duck, frizz kid, oily hair - you name it. I eventually toughened up a little and got used to it - so they changed their tack - the girls spread untrue rumours about me and the boys harassed me all the time. I never had any friends either - I was "the weird kid" - no one liked me. I certainly was not pretty or popular - at least not according to their standards. So dear brother I have been there - and I understand partially how you must be feeling. I want you to know it does get better.

    Brother you are so blessed that you haven't kissed a girl/had a girlfriend. Please don't buy into that rubbish about how popular people have girlfriends. Allah is protecting you and one day youwill see the wisdom in this. Look around on the site and see what pre-marital relationships can do - the effects are disastrous. It tends to end in heartbreak, sins such as sex before marriage and a whole host of other problems.
    Turn to Allah - don't make excuses - try your best to please Him. He is there and He loves you - He is your true friend.

    One of the things that helped me over the years is I realised there was nothing wrong with me - OK yes I was a bit chubby and I did have frizzy hair - but it doesn't matter how I looked - they targeted me because they could see I was not confident - they could see it bothered me and they wanted to hurt me and get to me. Even if I was like the popular crowd 'tall, blonde, pretty and popular they still would have taken some flaw and used it to annoy me. It is the nature of children.

    So appreciate yourself for who you are. You are beautiful, you are kind and you are worthy of Allah's blessings. Your life is more precious than all the gold and silver in the world. Because it is a means of pleasing God.

    And these people that wrong you and are mean to you - do you know what they are doing - they are giving you their good deeds. Every harsh word, every rude action, every thing bad they say about you - they are gifting you. If they have no good deeds they will take some of your bad deeds. God is fair - He sees what is going on and He will recompense every wronged person.

    Definitely take up a hobby - do some sports and work to be healthy. A healthy person is a happy person. Accept yourself for who you are. And once you've done that learn to love yourself and most importantly make your aim to imrpove your relationship with Allah. If God is with you, even if the whole world is against you - you are a winner. You will be admitted into beautiful Gardens and have good friends and pious beautiful wife (3 actually) etc.

    Life does change. Alhumdulilah now I am unrecognisable from how I was then. Completely. Despite spending years worrying about how I would function in the outside world. Allah helped me. And He will help you. Just take the first step - help yourself and allow Allah to transform your life.

    I will pray for you InshaAllah
    Sara Editor

  5. Bro please dont die am there for you . . . Find me here always

    Iqbal , am a very able person doing mashalla very well am a software engineer / projead in a great college n a great company my words should definitl inspire u

  6. Assalam alaikum Br. Wasim,

    I understand how you feel. I have been there. One thing I concluded about feeling this way was that it was a bit arrogant, I am not saying it to you, but to myself, to think my life should just end and that I am no good. Since Allah created me, and as it says in Surah Teen (Iyat 4) "4. Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould)".

    Definitely Allah has created you the best way that you are. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I found out very late in my life my value and by that time, I had missed out on many things and people very close to me neglected and took advantage of me. I wish I had someone at that time to tell me otherwise. So, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT I WISH WISH WISH WISH someone had told me.

    Looking good is not just a diet issue, in order to look and feel good, you have to start believing in yourself, like truly. If you want to feel love, then first learn to love yourself. Take care of yourself, like you are in the care of yourself--don't neglect yourself and remain focused on the fact that no one can put you down, not even YOU!

    One very humbling experience I have had is visiting a hospital--seeing ppl in pain, losing their hair, their ability to take of their basic needs--maybe visit a children's hospital or people in palliative care or a nursing home--there is so much pain and suffering out there and some ppl are just waiting to die--you have not give up on yourself. I do not think anything that you said was childish or anything like that, but I just wanted you to understand that you have ONE point of view, and the world is about a full 360 degrees. You are missing out on a lot. During one operation I had, I was having trouble breathing and it was SO SCARY--it is easy to ask for death, but to think it is going to end your pain, ,isn't true.

    InshaAllah, have hope and don't give up. Get up, take care of urself and consider this the first day of your journey for being the BEST YOU. Allah will be there, You just keep that chin up and realize that you are NOT ALONE.


  7. Iwill recommend to get the book Dont be sad to anyone verses out of the Quran whenever I go through tough times Itake that book out.All the best every person out there goes through life like you please go back to Allah join the mosque make night prayers and youll see immediate change shukran.The book can be bought online

  8. Assalamualaikum,

    The book "Don't be Sad" can be downloaded from this:

    I strongly recommend the following book also, by Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman al Arifi, titled "Enjoy Your Life":

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  9. Dear brother Assalamualikum!

    First of all You don't need to tell Allah any thing Allah is All knowing and All seeing. If no body wants to make you a friend then you make Allah your friend Take example of Hazrath Bilal may Allah be pleased with him

    . Alhamdulillah you are physically and mentally fit and you have been protected by Allah from zina . Just one thing ,self confidence is lacking in you .
    What will you gain dying especially if we dye without following our religious duties(sharia) remember the Punishment in the grave and hell will be infinitely severe than this .(this is nothing you are just looking it under microscope)
    Allah has given you life make some thing useful of it strive and learn Quran and ask Allah to help you in it .You ask Allah to give you religious and worldly knowledge.
    If you dont know how to pray go to a Masjid and aks Imam to teach it or youtube has many videos showing .to learn quran ill tell you a easy method down load mp3 of small (103,108.112-14 etc) Quranic chapters and play them and keep them on repat keep listening for a fixed time and you will surely learn them by heart even if you don't show any interest they will be etched in your memory

    And thank god you don't have evil friends you can spend time reading Islamic books ,Quran translation( at leat download audio and listen )which are freely available on line: (one such good book would be Stories of the Prophets by ibn kaseer or prophetic foods/medicines).This problem is not unique to you .Our religion has answers to all of our problems you just need to look ant right place

    Now coming to your physical appearance physical beauty will fade away with your age. make your heart beautiful which Allah likes.Now if you say girls may not see beauty of your heart ,we have advanced cosmetic and cosmetic surgeries available. which erase marks like they were never there and what not they can do loosing wait is not at all a problem (depression will increase your weight so stop being it ). And money(rizq) come when Allah gives it to you and not by your qualification.

  10. people may think that i should just wait and work hard to get the job i want but it's not that simple.

    i will probably have to take a college course next year for 2 years and then i'll be 21 years old and when i apply for criminology in university i'll do that for 2-3 years and i''l be 24 years old and when i apply for metropolitan police i will do that for three 3years or 4 years so maximum i'll be 27 because you have to be in police for 3 years to join CO19-METROPOLITAN special branch which is the thing i want to join. by the time i finish all this i'll be to old to have a family i will have student loans to pay because of university and i will have to look after my parents financially because i know i want to take care of them. thank people for your words i do feel a bit different know. i'll probably be homeless in the future and live on the streets. every time i think something is going to happen i am always right. AND Sandra if i want advice from someone like you next time i'll talk to the devil because right now you sound like him.

  11. Wasim,

    You are taking too much on yourself. This will only make you wanting, and it is well known that nothing can fulfil a Human Being. Allah's Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said:

    "If the son of Adam were given a valley full of gold, he would love to have a second one; and if he were given the second one, he would love to have a third, for nothing fills the belly of Adam's son except dust. And Allah forgives he who repents to Him."

    sahīh al Bukhari.

    And brother, whatever work you do, regardless of what job, what industry, regardless of your salary, you WILL get what you are Destined to get from your Rizq. You can not escape your Rizq, just as you can not escape death. Wherever you be, whatever you do, you WILL get your Rizq, as written, without any increase or decrease. I heard this from my shaikh, in the explanation of a Hadith of this nature.

    Studying for 30 years of your life, just to spend 30 more years of life, while having no consideration of the Eternal Aakhirah. This is something not worth it.

    I am not saying that you should not study, but you should do so along with the practice of Deen. This brings about a kind of Bliss in one's life. This brings a balance between the Worldly and the Religious parts of life.

    Additionally, none would stop you from getting married while you be studying. But at the age of 18, you should not take the tension of having to start a family late in your 20's, which is actually reasonable. When you are 27, you are still in the adolescent age. It is an ideal age + 2 for you to get married.

    Moreover, can you guarantee that you will even reach your 20's? It is something we do not know. Allah Knows it Best. Thus, instead of worrying about tomorrow, you should worry about today and what your Lord thinks about you. Your Rizq, as I said, has already been taken care of.

    It is understandable that you want to do a lot of service to your parents. This can even be done while having a wife. There's nothing wrong with it, and it is very much possible.

    What you should do now is to do what you think will be best for you as a career, after having done Istikhaarah with complete trust in Allah that He Will do what is good for you. And then study, having no thought about the future. Because if you think about tomorrow, Shaitaan will get a chance to take you with him to the Hell Fire. It is your own responsibility to save yourself from the Fire. None will come to your rescue. Hence, do not worry about tomorrow and trust in Allah for your Rizq and everything else you either have no control over or which is yet uncertain.

    If you continue thinking about matters that are uncertain, you will be wasting your time and assisting the Shaitaan in dragging yourself to the Fire. Save yourself first. The last thing is to worry about your future.

    I'll tell you something about myself. When I began school, my aim was to become an engineer of whatever kind. But I took up business and commercial degree at college, then did a Masters Course in Business Administration in something I was good at, but never thought I would be studying it, until I actually did.

    I never planned for it, but Allah Himself decided what was for me and He Gave it to me. I accepted it with my hands wide open, without thinking about the future, without thinking about how many years it will take me to complete what I had taken up. Alhamdulillah, I am satisfied with what Allah Has Given me. I am Pleased with Him and Hope that He Is Pleased with me too.

    I think this is what you require to do. Concentrate on building your Taqwa and strengthening your relation with Allah, then you will see Allah's Help in each and everything you do, insha Allah.

    And please, read the book I mentioned above : Enjoy your Life. It will help a lot, insha Allah. This life is a temporary abode for earning an Eternal Abode in the Hereafter. Now, it is upon you to make it either the Hell Fire or the Paradise.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  12. Today my dad was very like everyday, today like everyday he was swearing because of all of this thing of me maybe not getting into university. Today a lot of relatives visit me and even then he was still swearing infront of them also he was drunk as usual everyday shouting at my sister my mum and me. All of this is happening because of me. And I can see the disappointment in my mums face when she looks at me. Salam bro's and sis's.

    • wasim, I removed the swear words from your comment. Please do not write such words on this website.

      Wael Editor

    • You sound angry and upset in your last two posts--I would say that whatever is happening around you is Shaitaan trying to make sure you remain in your misery.

      I recently read a story about a boy who found his mother after 25 years:

      The point is that if wonderful things are going to happen, not even you can prevent it. You can not be constantly so negative. Have a goal in your mind, ignore the negativity in your mind.

      Imagine how hard it was for Hazrat Ibrahim AS to face his father who was an idol-worshipper and wanted and DID throw him into fire. I realize your father is giving you a difficult time and you mentioned that the drinks--you have to tackle all of your life's problems one at a time.

      Find one thing you want to fix--maybe the closet in your room or something needs to be organized as an example and FIX It, then the next problem and so forth. Face your parents with patience--it doesn't mean you have to agree with their ways, but it means you are respectful and patient with them and FOCUSED on your life being successful.

      Do not give up, you absolutely can have the best, and again, there many many others less fortunate than you, so do not lose your opportunity. InshaAllah, it will work out.

  13. Dear brother, there is always something you can do about almost every thing. One word comes to mind, physical fitness. If you are willing to die, then you are willing to do anything. Why not turn this into a strength? Join a gym mate, get a trainer and work out like there's no tomorrow. This will boost your confidence like nothing else and solve your skin issues in a matter of months.

    Also, keep up with all your prayers, take part in Islamic activities in your local masjid.

    This is the best advice i can offer, it may look less detailed than all the nice people over me, but trust me, if you follow it to the fullest, you will be living to the fullest in no time.


  14. You need to stop over thinking things. U can do some voluntary work or go to ur local masjid or attend lecture's to keep urself busy. N a dagree is not everything now adays people with dagree's are not getting good jobs. And why do you want a gf you will be commiting evan more sins. Talk to your siblings get things off your mined. U can make friends in masjid stop makeing excuse's to be misreable. Your only 18. Young boy who jus wants todo what other people are doing around your age don't follow the crowd be unique. N your not ugley i know people in london look after them selfs for what to attract other male/female attention which is haraam. Allah has made you n dont judge him. Your only putting yourself down n letting other people get to you. Im sorry if you think i was harsh with my words but thinking about dieing will only drive you to more depression. If you are well off go to umrah do something with your life dont let it go to waste

  15. Salaams,
    You are letting things get to you too much. Before I read your last 2 replies, you seemed to be rolling in a pit of self pity (sorry if that sounds horrible) but then your last 2 posts have shown you may have other problems, which are causing you to feel this way. I may be wrong.

    Everybody has more or less summed up on what I would have said anyway, so all I have to add:

    First things first 1) your education. I understand the education system in England very well, and know the opportunities in this country are immense! Regardless of you almost missing the mark this time, I'm sure u can resist a couple of modules, gain your required points and get into study criminology. As for co-19 it's a hard field and would require A LOT of training anyway, so one year on top of what u expected is honestly not going to affect your life plans at all.

    2) I'm sure people don't avoid you on the bus when you're sitting down! There could be so many reasons why they haven't picked the seat next to you-there could be other seats or maybe they just don't want to sit? Your confidence in your appearance is low, and I bet your also being too hard on yourself there.

    3) what you re going through can also count as a test frm Allah-we are told to be patient and will be rewarded for this patience, so be patient and iA everything will fall into place for you.

  16. Hello fatima you seem like a nice person. I wish I could talk a female or male as a friend or some kind of guide in person. Things aren't so good stiil, these thoughts of suicide keeps coming I don't like it. And I'm scared but I just don't know what I'm scared of. Maybe It's the education or me scared of failing in life at everything.

  17. first change your company. roam with pious people. stop roaming with people who like themselves being like other non muslims.

    then see the effect.

  18. Irfan I can't change company, because I have no friends as company.

  19. From your other posts, and this one it sounds like you are scared of failing in life, and there is nobody to support you and guide you properly..don't be scared brother, and face every problem you have with optimism and postitivity. Try to see each problem as a challenge and a test of patience, and the more you aim to pass these challenges, the closer you are to achieving the ultimate goal.
    Try going to your local mosque, there are plenty of brothers thre always willing to listen and help, all you have to do is ask, and I'm sure iA you will find the support and guidance you need.

  20. Wasim, you can find me at (facebook link deleted)

    i know how you are feeling right now coz even i had tried to do suicide at one point of my life.

    the reason we think of suicide is coz our hearts are not at rest.AllahSWT gives us a solution,Remember him!!!

    "verily,in rememberance of AllahSWT,the hearts find rest"

    you know what answer AllahSWT wants to give you?CLICK THIS LINK AND READ IT :)))

    and if you are hearing voices telling you that you are useless and a BURDEN to others then its the stupid qarin which is jealous of you

    read this 100 times daily Insha'Allah see the doors that open to you soon!

    la illaha illAnta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazaalimeen->75 times{DUA E YUNUS}

    SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi->100 times{as per hadith}

    Ya MUMIT->100 times{Asma ul husna}

    Ya GHAFUR->100 times{Asma ul husna}

    Ya RAHIM->100 times{Asma ul husna}

    • Irfan,

      We don't allow exchange of personal contact information. And recitation of Allah's Names a specific number of times for a specific purpose is not proven. In my knowledge, this is an innovated practice.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  21. @Muhammad Waseem

    my answer was for waseem who is depressed.whether its in your rules or not i dont care.if its innovated then i am going to eat zaqqum so dont are not involved in this. either help someone or let someone help them,dont come in between and start talking like a sheikh plz.

    "verily,in rememberance of AllahSWT,the hearts find rest"

    i hope you understand the above verse.

    sorry for saying my fb account.i didn know the rules here.

    see this...

    (unauthentic website links deleted by the Editor)

    • Irfan,

      There is no Ibadah without evidence. If you have your evidence for whatever you mentioned, from the Quran and Sahīh Ahadeeth, you may quote them. If you are here to spread innovation, then keep it to yourself. Being a moderator, it is my duty to keep innovations away from our forum.

      If you don't care, you don't care about yourself. If you choose to eat Zaqqum, you eat it yourself. I have nothing to do with your choice, but innovations will not be approved here.

      If you show proof that Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, Sahaabah, or the other Salaf practiced what you mention, then you may quote your proof and insha Allah, even I'll start practicing it.

      Otherwise, you should know that every innovation is misguidance.

      Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said:

      “…Beware of newly invented
      matters, for EVERY invented matter
      is an innovation and EVERY innovation is a going astray, and EVERY going astray is in Hell-fire.” [Abu Dawud & At-Tirmidhi]

      ‘Abdullaah Ibn Mas’ood – may Allaah have mercy upon him – said: “Follow and do not innovate, for
      indeed you have been sufficed, and
      EVERY innovation is misguidance.” [Saheeh. Reported in Ahmad]

      Imaam Abu Haneefah (rahimahullaah) said: “Adhere to the Athaar (narrations) and the Tareeqah (way) of the Salaf and beware of newly invented matters, for ALL OF IT is innovation.” [Reported by As-Suyootee in Sawn al-Mantaq Wal -Kalaam, p. 32.]

      Now decide whether you want to do something from your own desire or follow the Quran and the Sunnah. We are all here to support the brother whenever he wants support in distress. You don't need to produce what does not conform with the Quran and the Sunnah, in this process.

      Alhamdulillah, I understand that verse, better than you can imagine, but we have thousands of proven duas to fulfil the purpose and we do not need any innovated practice.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

      • I must also mention that if anyone supplicates to Allah using His Names, then that is something proven. Just like saying "Allahummarzuqni ya Razzaq" or "Allahummarhamni ya Rahmaan" and so on.

        Muhammad Waseem Editor

  22. i wana die and kill my self in this selfish world no one can feel others pains.
    everyone in this world selfish no one can give help just talk about it dnt wana do
    i dnt have anything for pay my looan back ihv just last 2 days after police ll arrest me
    before police arrest me iwant kill my self. i dnt want go to jail.
    i ask all my frnds charity organization they cnt help me just help with words that they are
    with me cnt give me charity for pay my loan.
    in this form i request to all you peoples pleas if u hv big heart help me as human save my life i dnt want kill my self just help me God ll give you reward i dnt have anything for you.
    realy i dnt wana die but i have no tim and way for survive. please pleas its my request you
    just for God reward help me i can pray for you. ihave only 2 days left after i ll kill my self. if anyone can give me some support contact with me.

    • khuram, As-salamu alaykum. It is not anyone's responsibility to pay your debts. This is one of the reasons why it is haram in Islam to deal in ribaa (interest), whether to give interest loans or receive them. It creates burdens on people and puts them in desperate situations.

      If going to jail is the price you must pay for defaulting on your loan, then maybe you should accept that. It's not the end of the world, nor the end of your life. This is one difficult time in your life.

      There was a time in my life when I had not a penny to my name and nowhere to live. I was alone and in a desperate situation. That was over twenty years ago. Now, Alhamdulillah, I am successfully self-employed. I have a home and a lovely young daughter. My point is that circumstances change. This is why it is said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

      May Allah give you the strength to survive this difficult time.

      Wael Editor

    • May Allah swt bring to you a solution that helps you in this world and the next, Ameen.

  23. I want to die too my problems are same as u my brother it looks like God has forgotten us long ago

  24. Dear brother I am not a boy like you but a girl but I can understand your feelings because I am also in the same stage as you are...

    • Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Everyone is tested in different ways in this world. There are people who are much worse off than you. Rather than blaming Allah, drowning yourself in self-pity and wishing for death, seek ways to improve your life in general. If you can't do anything about your acne, maybe you can get physically fit. Do well in your studies, engage in creative pursuits, learn the deen, help people in some way.

      Wael Editor

  25. I would sit on a bus next to you, and I would hug you, and I would kiss you Brother (I'm a guy)! Allah loves you more then any mother has ever loved a child. Please do not ever think of suicide!

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