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Please Help – I masturbated in Ramadan!


Asalamu Alaikum, Anyone here that can help a brother in need. As you guys know it is the month of Ramadan and I was fasting as a normal Muslim would. However, as I made my way from school, I just started masturbating without notice, like it just started. Now I have researched online and I know that my fast broke and that I need a makeup day after eid. However, my question is do I need to fast 60 days in a row now? My other question is after I learned about this I also read that I must keep my fast no matter what (not eating food or drinking water) however I got scared and sad and guilty thus I ate food. Now do I need 2 makeup days or do I need to fast 60 days in a row(I did not know about this either before researching)?

I am a Muslim

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  1. Yes you would have to make up for that day and just repent to Allah and try to avoid doing any of that during Ramadan especially when you are fasting.

  2. That's a bad addiction especially if your doing In Ramadan ......What happens after Ramadan ? You are not praying salah properly with concentration and devotion! You are eating bad foods doubtful or too much meat.. this needs to be examined...because masterbation is a dangerous thIng...the Devils are ever so present.......Attend the sunni mosque and be friends with the learned because only gets worse after this.

  3. I am confused,,,, so you must make up one day or 60 days for committing this act in Ramadan?

  4. Hey. you only have to do the 60 days if you knew about the consequence when you broke the fast. if you didn't know it at the time, it is not held against you.

    Our religion is very beautiful for many reasons, one of which is that, when we do bad things without knowing they are bad, Allah does not hold our ignorance against us.

    So,when you broke your fast during ramadan, did you know about the 60-day consequence? If you knew about it, and yet broke the fast, then you have to do the 60-day makeup nonstop. But let's say you did not know the consequence of breaking a fast on purpose when you did it. You found out about it later through research or asking questions. then you don't have to do the 60 days, because Allah does not punish us for our lack of knowledge. Allah grants and conceals knowledge to whomever He wills. It was by His will that you had no knowledge of the consequence when you did it. I too was in your position few years back and I did the research.

    all you have to do is ask for forgiveness over and over again, and never forget what you did. If it stays in your memory, it will help you to strive to do better. Also, donate to charity and do good to people. These things will compensate greatly for any of your wrongdoings.

  5. Someone help me too, i masturbated in ramadan and broke two of my fasts with that, at that time i knew i am committing a sin but still i did that, now its been 6 months and i am repenting now. I do not know what to do now, please help.

    I am a 20 years old muslim girl.

    • Hello sister do you still regularly masturbate now or did you manage to break the habit?

      If you have a husband I'd suggest sleeping with him regularly instead or masturbating. This can help you stop masturbating.

  6. Anothermuslim girl ,you need to get married n enjoy with man in halaal way ..masturbation is haraam

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