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please help me… please guide me

Assalamualaikum I am a very kind hearted person, I can solve my problems without in others help But today I was helpless I want share here. I am loving a girl deeply and i gave a promise upon Quran and faith to her promise (I am always love her and marriage her ) But she was avoiding me since 6months, why what happen I can't understand, Now what to do... Option her parents to solve this matter (but still I am studying, those parents don't wait for me (better settlement) 2. Waiting​ for my death (Because I can't break my promise I can't live without her) I am a true lover , V talking about our self's in Mobile v meet 4 times ,no physical relationship , genuine persons 3.findout the cause behind it Please help me Please...


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  1. Salam. There is no such thing as love. What you are doing is haram you should not met This lady and she is haram. To. You without marriage. You are going through lust and once time. Passes or you are. Together with her then the lust will run out. And you will start arguing and fighting like normal. Couples. Do things the right way and find a girl you like. And marry her properly with both family involvement and especially her mahram. Don't meet her without her mahram present. The feeling you are going through is your own fault because you got involved with a girl in the in proper way without her mahram and lust has grown and whatever feelings you have then be a man it's not going to kill you. There's no such thing as finding the One and she is your soul mate all that nonsense, she is a girl like every other and if you don't marry her then you will find another who will be just as lovely or even more beautiful and religious. You are acting like a woman with all this feelinga be a man and act like a man. Men don't chase women and are not womanisers. Get on with life and work hard and make yourself better person and better Muslim concentrate on yourself and Allah will give you goodness Insha'Allah.

    • dont judge his character he said no physical relationship and he wants tp marry her. you are very harsh and behaving like your iman is !00 percent perfect.

      and what do you mean by this
      Men don't chase women and are not womanisers.

      that women chase men?

      i would like to advise my brother to send proposal at her home

      and secondly if you dont believe in love thats just your opinion dont try to put your opinion on others.

  2. Say right IBRAHIm ,sugar and N it ia haraam relationship but we cannnot control love bur we should not talk a d and not meet but our thoughts keep ourself but love is natural but he should send proposal to this girl at home it is good and halaal way .It is not mean to hurt you but i say islamic point of view

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