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Please I need your sincere duas

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i have been married for 3 years now. we had our differences all this while. i love my husband allot and he is everything to me.As we have had our differences instead of solving those issues out he wants to divorce me, as he feels we do not have compatability and i want to solve those issues and make our bonding strong. Even my in laws wants to get rid of me. Now ,he left me and asking for divorce please help me i need your precious duas that my husband comes back to me and we live a happy life.please make dua with your sincere heart ,that he doesnt divorce me. i am very much scared to think of my life with out him. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE DUA FOR ME PLEASE.

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  1. read la ilaha ila anta subhanaka ini kuntu minaz zalemeen and you will see the difference. Allah will solve all your problems insha Allah. just read this and make dua to Allah to help you. when your husband gets angry or try to criticize you or whatever reason is behind the word "difference" just try to keep quiet. donot respond, react. stay cool and be patient.
    learn to stay calm and quiet when someone gets angry in your family. with the passage of time, things will start to get better.

    and if someone from your in laws is kind to you in some aspect, ask for his or her favor solve your difference through that person.
    if it does nt work . involve a well respected elder from your family (inlaws), who will speak with your mother in law and husband.

  2. As Salam Alaikum,

    Sister, may Allah (swt) save your marriage. Saitaan is playing with your husband mind and your law mind. May be it is time for elder to step in. Both of you need to keep the tone down when it comes to talk it out. Give him some space for him self and sister try to keep your busy with your life. The moment he realize you dont care much, he will start missing you (do not ignore him too much though). Also, pray five times a day, and read Quran as much as possible.

    Sis do not worry, insha Allah (swt) everything will work out.

    Allah hafiz

  3. Salaam sister
    Nothing is wrong with difference. Marriage is a long journey. Couple don't need to have comparability but just have to learn to adjust with new things between spouse. The way you feel and describing, read 2 rakat nafal salaah and tell that to Allah. He is the best friend you can most feel comfortable sharing. If anyone can listen that will be HIM.
    But I do advice you that try to stay calm when he is mummbling. If you react in the argument, that makes it worst. As myself Muslim sister I know women are sensative and react or conclude really fast which cause conflict. So sometime you need to let things go and just ignore him, try to tone him out and move from the room that moment.
    Inshallah everything will be ok. Make dua and pray on time, and read quran daily. doesn't have to be to long, read at least 10 minutes a day. also do extra salaah. Reading extra salaah its a benefit for you. Always remember Allah every moment of your life and he will definitely remember you too and accept your dua faster.

    Take care!
    Make Allah make it easy for you!

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