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Please make dua for me

Salaam Alaykum brothers and sisters

I’m  going through a very difficult part in my life. I’m having difficulties at school at the university I go to. I’m depressed and have anxiety. I’m 30 and have yet to marry. I have asked family to help and used matrimonial services but they didn’t work for me . I don’t have the best of financials so it’s difficult for any girl to accept me. I pray 5 times a day and read Quran sometimes. I feel like pain after pain struggle after struggle. I feel broken and wish Allah would make it easy for me all problems, I’ve had a hard upbringing and have been treated awful and talked about by family. I just wanna give up and run away.  Or go somewhere where I could start fresh. Nothing against my environment but a positive Muslim community and a better life than this would do a lot for me. The thing holding me back is my disable sister and older mother & father. Can you guys make dua for me that things get better, school gets less stressful and that I find a loving wife


thank you


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  1. Oh Allah help this brother in school at home and in all his affairs in life. Keep him on the deen and make him establish prayer regularly like he does now and never stop with it. Oh Allah give him a wife and rizq so he can provide for his family. Oh Allah give him the best in this life and give him the best in the next life and increase him in knowledge secular studies and deen. Oh Allah make his offspring righteous and give him a long life. And protect him from the evil of this world and from the punishment of the next life.
    Ameen ya Rabb

  2. Where are you from?

  3. Ameen to the beautiful du'a by SuccesscomesfromAllah above. (Love the username by the way.)

    May Allah shower His Blessings upon you. May He grant you Goodness and happiness in this world and the Next.
    May He grant you a wife who is the coolness of your eyes and the sweetness of your 'imaan. Someone who has so much understanding and love for you that she can understand your heartbeat. InshaAllah. Have you tried asking in your local community? Ask your local Imam whether he can help you find someone.
    May Allah the Most High remove your financial difficulties and make matters better for you- in Deen and duniya.

    And do not lose hope and have trust in Allah the Most High. Tawakkul alAllah. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear. So you are strong, but you don't know your own strength.
    You can do it. Keep believing. All the Ambiya had trials and difficulties, but with Allah they overcame everything. SubhanAllah! I will mention a few inspiring ones out of the many amazing examples;
    -Yunus (peace be upon him) was swallowed by a big fish...and he was saved
    - ibraheem (peace be upon him) was thrown into a burning fire.
    - Isa (peace be upon him)
    - Nuh (peace be upon him)
    - Yusuf (peace be upon him)

    These are amazing stories that teach us so many messages. Do not give up! You have strength, you have a family and most importantly, you have your own life that Allah has blessed you with. Say Elhamdulilah, thanks allah and value this gift that's alAllah has bestowed upon you.

    All the best

  4. AOA
    Please brother, I request you to pray and make dua for me. I have been struggling for many years to run a business and earn good money. I have made dua many times but it doesn't work. Maybe Allah will listen to you if you make dua for me that may Allah give me wealth for me and my family and for all those I can give.

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