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Please make Dua for my mother


Now it's my turn to take care of her...

Assalamualaikum. I am in a really stressful situation. I never talk about my life to anyone because I know no one can help me but I really need your duas. My mother who is in her late 40's is suffering from Alzheimers 🙁 I love her a lot and seeing her like this hurts me so much that I cant concentrate on my studies or I am depressed all the time. Please make dua for her from your heart. I really need it please and if you know of any duas for Alzheimer's do let me know. May Allah almighty bless you all with the best. Aameen.


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  1. Inshallah, your mother gets better. May Allah (SWT) give your the strength and paitence to helo your mom in their time of need. Ameen x

    • Ameen.
      Sister there are drugs now that halt the progression of Alzheimer's. Please do some research on this. Your mother may have many productive years ahead of her still.

  2. WaAllykum Salaam. I'm really sorry about your situation. I think it is a good idea if you give us your mom's full name so we can mention it in our duas. I'll talk to an imam who'll help.

  3. Dear Sister

    Laughter 🙂 is the best medicine of all.. It is essential that you and your family keep yourself happy and cheerful around your mother and avoid depression causing discussions.

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