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Offering prayer on their time

As-Salamu Alaikum

I do not want to burden all of you with my story. It is just like many other incidents/stories in this site. I don't want to blame anyone for anything... but I do not know how to pray. I was learning when I was young back when we lived outside North America. Even here, when I was 11 ... I was learning again ... then father decided I can't go anymore. I always speak to my Allah subanahu wa ta'ala ... sounds like I'm being a hypocrite.. but it is true. Even though I didn't ever have the surroundings where I would be taught... or told ...

point is, I do not know where to start! I read that we cannot read n pray namaz at the same time... but why is it difficult to remember what to say?? I know my two Surahs Al-Fatiha and Al-Ikhlas ... I just want to know how to remember what to say during the prayer without having to stall??? Or can I pray while reading to start???

I do not know if Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will grant me Jannah...I just want to feel happy till I die...I want to stop feeling this ache filled with jealousy n envy...I hate these feelings... and I realized I feel these because I can't have what gave me temporary happiness.. n now I just want to give all my heart and love to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala because as all your responses on other posts and other sites...they all say Allah will always love you if only you show your love ... n I am done loving n only being hurt!

Thank You for listening

Allah Hafez



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  1. I went many years not knowing how to pray, these videos were a blessing. He very slowly says each part.

    What I did was write it on paper (it took up the whole wall from ceiling to the floor lol) but i wrote the phonetic arabic verses like the video, but changed the spelling in a way that i would easily understand and be able to read quickly, and also put the english translation below. I would read both arabic and english, now i know word for word the prayers alhumdulilah. Now I just say the english part in my head silently. I learned salah this was in less than two weeks.. Inshallah Khair

    this is the entire playlist

  2. not sure why the links are not showing.. but look up "Aman Siddiqi" on youtube.. in his video list, there is a category for learning salah. Inshallah khair

  3. Walikimasalm!
    I recently learned it on YouTube..
    Start from the basics..
    I will pray for you may Allah bring you in light and knowledge!

  4. I am a revert married to a women listen well....firSt you should be a Sunni muslim and follow one of the 4 major school of thought...most of the Muslim world follow Imam abu Hanifa. ..This is the first stage and you must learn the rules and conditions at your pace...Learn Salah from the Imam at the local mosque because you need a guide a teacher to correct you and help you and make dua for you etc.......Do not listen to others because shaitan will be involved just to make sure you don't's like a person who is seeking medication from a imposter other then a qualified doctor...There is a book that I used before called tameel ul HAQQ ..this book is the best book made and it was used in the early days at madressah will teach you the basics ..It took me a year I think..I had a paper on the floor with my way of reading it in arabic words...but if your consistant it will come..Allah knows your intention...but don't give up or make up excuses...the other thing is keeping away from haram...alot of people mix duniya and our Deen in this world and can never get the true blessings..because of foods they might eat Interest music bad programs movies ..Socializing with opposite sex. ..these will effect you your heart and those around be wise...There is a faster way to build your IMAN and it is through tabligh ..This is were a person spends his wealth health and takes out time to go in an environment to learn and build iman. Just go to your local Sunni mosque ask the imam about the local effort...and ask everything your heart desires but don't let people put things in your head even if the might look religious or speak arabic...the Devil is very stay close to the scholors of Islam..Also your day to t day routine is important.

    You must after fajr read a quran and do zikr and then complete it a night before bed in the day if you can read hadith and quran that's bonus..But the point is that you must make a schedule and be punctual at it. The scholors say the 3 main tabih that we do morning n evening minimum is 3rd kalimah astagfir durood..100x each ...and later increase
    For quran they say 1 juz..but in your case learn the 10 sura's and master it and understand will always get reward so don't worry and think much.

    Oh by the way please pray at mosque...There's a reason why we pray at mosque and behind the not be a victim and pray at home...prophet Muhammad said in hadith that he told the kids to gather firewood and burn those houses that the people offer there Salah at home without a valid excuse....Finally I can say An idle man's brain is a devils workshop.


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