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I have been married for two years. My husband stays abroad. We have stayed together just for one month. My in laws always pressurise my husband to leave me but now he also says no coz of them. He sent divorce papers to his city jamat five months ago, but I don't want this marriage to be broken.

I prayed to allah a lot. I asked some pious person to do the istikhara for me and got a positive answer. Also I myself have done istikhara twice. In first istikhara I saw few dreams ... these are my dreams...

My sister is law gave me green colour sandal and I wore it and it was just so perfect.
I saw myself at a very high place and there were many chairs placed. Two seats were left empty. I asked whose seat is this someone said its a chair reserved for a king. And after that I realised that I was sitting on that chair. From that height I saw a buffalo swimming in the river and skin of alligator on my lap.
Then again I saw myself standing at a high place seeing sea water glittering so beautifully.
These are my first istikhara dreams.

Then listening to everyone I felt like clearing my doubt about our relationship. I wanted to know whether we are divorced or no so I again did istikhara and saw this dream

A fakir kind of man wearing green long top n black pant kind of thing sitting in front of me n telling me that talaq aise nahi hota. U r not divorced n u will not face the disappointment so don't worry.

What does all this mean?
I was very scared of everything so I kept praying and whenever I did istikhara my thoughts became more strong to save my relationship. And I also heard someones voice in my dream that don't worry about it, the situation is in ur favour.
Somebody plz help me understanding what does it mean. Please answer soon.


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  1. Sister we only make istikhara if we want to make a decision and need guidance from Allah swt. And its not about seing the color green in your dreams as a lot of people think. Also no pious person can do istikhara for you and if one claims so you should know its a fraud. In your case you dont even need to make istikhara because your ex husband already decided, he doesn't want to be married to you and he even sent you the divorce papers. You can't force him to stay married to you. You have to accept it and move on. Why would you want to stay married to someone who clearly doesn't want to be with you?? i pray you will find a good husband in the future inshAllah.

    • That is easier said than done. Ya Allah. To he married to someone, you form an attachment, thats your partner, youve developed feelings for, so to say move, how easy is it for you say. Its not nice that he wants a divorce, its horrible to think it and go through it yourself may Allah make it easy for you and help you these times, its not easy, make dua constantly, seek his help and advice. This is what i did, and i grew closer to Allah SWT. Sometimes we go through such trials, to come cliser, keep praying inshaaAllah xxx

  2. Dear Sister,

    1. You have been married 2 years but only stayed with him for a month.
    2. For whatever reasons as you did not mention, his family forced him to divorce you.
    3. He sent you a divorce paper 5 months ago.
    4. You did not want to divorce.

    Skip the dream and the color. The dream is a projection of your fear and stress and that's that. What you are saying is not a marriage but just on paper. How did you communicate all these time? Do u live alone or with his family? Did he pay you for the divorce? You may ask for your compensation. They are abuser, users.

    Istikhara is a prayer for someone trying to make a decision. The decision is made by your husband side. I do not see if you have any room to undo it. Let go.

  3. Assalmaolaikum brothers,sisters ,

    Is dreams seeing in Isthikara has NO validity from islamic view point ? Should some one wait for some dream after istikhara namza or no ? Or it is just some innovation ?

  4. I think these dreams r clear signs that u hv a bright future in this marriage.

  5. I pray istikhara for marriage. I ask Allah whether Man A or Man B will be my future husband. I dreamt Man B and Man B assured me he and another women has broke up. I wasnt convince coz i know currently Man B still with that another women. So i pray another istikhara to leave him or to stick to him till marriage. In my 2nd dream i dreamt of Man B leaving that women house and ask me to wait. I think this Man B not suitable for me but i would like to seek for advise.

    • Salat al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams. Dreams are unreliable. They often simpmly express our own inner fears or wishes, and I think that is the case with you. The dream is simply reflecting your hopes. But when you say, "I think this man B is not suitable for me," THAT is your huda. That knowledge or belief in your heart is the answer to your Istikhara. So leave this useless, dishonest man and stop putting your life on hold for a liar.

      Wael Editor

      • But this Man B has been spending more time with me then before and im wondering should i trust him. He said he solat istiskhara few months back and dreamt of me and my parents living happily together with him. I dont know whether to believe in him. He gets angry when i doubted his istikhara dream. Im really stuck over here.

      • Assalam alaikum.
        I love some one and i have been doing istekhara from last 3 days for my marriage to him
        .on first day i saw in dream that someone is telling me that you will be marrying soon, with whom he didn't say.the second day i didn't see anything but the 3rd day I saw that boy saying me that i woll go wherever you will be there.but the same day my mom say that he is beating that boy.. I am so confused about the result.I dnt know which is good for me.please guide me and reply soon..sometimes i am like yes he is riight aftr seing this dream i am totally cnfused

        • Sana, istikhara is not about dreams or images in dreams. It is a request to Allah that if the thing is good for you, to make it happen, and if it is bad for you, to keep it away. After you pray Istikhara, you should make the decision that feels right in your heart. Don't worry about the dreams.


  6. Salam,

    I am having issues having a child. me and my husband are trying but its been 3 years since my marriage but we are not successful. all our reports are normal. I did a istikhara and in my dream i see that a decision is being made. Please can you explain this dream to me.


  7. Salaam,
    I did istikhara 8 years ago regarding marriage. I saw white and green colours as well as black and red at the end I saw gold and I had a very intense feeling of happiness. The marriage didn't take place and the person who I wanted to marry had married someone else which only lasted 1 year. I still believed in my istikhara because of the feeling I had and I couldn't bring myself in finding anyone else. I thought this was my test, through this tough time it did bring me closer to Allah. I still had doubts because 8 years had passed with nothing. I did istikhara again twice this time. In the first one I saw all the colours again and felt happy and content at this time I saw green grass. The second time I did it it was black and I was very scared then all of a sudden I saw bright white light with flashing gold that appeared 2-3 times and the feeling I had was intense again and I was happy. So I've followed this feeling my gut instinct has never let me down during these years I have followed that but I'm not sure now if my interpretation of the dreams were correct???? I need some help in interpreating my dreams please.

  8. Salam everyone
    so im young and my parents and the elders wants me to marry my cousin but my heart and mind says no. I have never felt love or anything towards him to my mind he is like my brother and i want him to stay like my brother not a husband. I have seen him wen i was very young like 6 or 7 and since then i haven't and now im 17. I told my parents i don't except this but they keep asking why i said because i want him to be like a brother to me not a husband i dont want cousin marrige for myself .
    so i did istikhara and in my dream i was in a very sad place and everyone was wearing black and everyone was sad and crying and i was with my friend and my dad was there too but he wasn't with me my dad called me and said lets go home and i told my friend this and we started crying. When i was about to leave i seen this guy he is a singer in real life i seen him wearing red hat and red pants.
    plz help me with my dream plz

  9. Assalamu alaikum sister
    I first want to tell one thing. Dont thing in the way that if we pray isthikarah namaz we will get true in our dreams. Thats not fully true.IF EVERYTHING IN A DREAM COMES TRUE MEANS THEN EVERYTHING IN THE WOLRD ALSO OPEN TO KNOW PLZ DONT THINK DREAMS ARE ALWAYS TRUE . THAT ONLY A POSITIVE SIGN FROM YOUR HEART. We have to pray isthikara if we have confusion in any matter but allah never show you the truth in smiple dream it may be some clues or may be our thought of inner heart. Allah will give if he writtens and decided for you. If you can contnue isthikara until u get ur dirct answr from allah... do many more thasbis for forgive your sins. Ask your duas strongly .insha allah allah will give you what is good to you.

    • I had done isthikara for a guy...we were in relationship for 2 year...I had done 2 or more times isthikara I got positive sing after all my mind says that I am deserved for him...but now faith as changed every thing he got enged with other girl...but I Belive in isthikara so I had done isthikara even when his engment has fixed.. But the sign again in my dream was positive...and my mind still says that's true..but march he is going to get married... I am totally confused...can u plz help me...plz don't ignore my question.... Plz help me

  10. Want to get divorce for some personal reason so v did istikhara to see whether our decision is right or my mother performed istikhara and on the 4thday she saw a big pot in which somebody is making food for large number of people and she saw that after preparation of food they will perform fatihah on food....and some lady is giving raw rice dipped in water and telling my mom to cook for herself my mother said we will not eat so much of mother said that i will keep this rice in fridge but that lady said no dont do that because rice dipped in water will become rice pudding if you keep in fridge.
    Please let me know what this dream means
    Thank You.

    • Please read the answers already given, as well as our other articles about Istikhara.

      Wael Editor

      • AOA
        I loved someone but his parents were not agreed he forced his parents to do itekhara but the sign of istekhara were not positive then I do istekhara about to lose hope from Allah so I get the positive sign that to me never to lose hope but after some days I saw in my dream that he text me n said I also do istekhara about hope n he also got positive response but we were not in contact so tell me what should I do? What is the meaning of these dreams?

  • i am doing istakhara for my husband as we have been having problems we can not work out, my first dream was I am standing on a hill looking at the open ocean but it's just dark everywhere I look and there is a man standing next to me but I don't know who he is, second dream is i am at Makkah madina with a man who isn't my husband and my third dream is my husbands brother has a plate he puts yoghurt in the plate which is white (obviously ) and when he stArts to stir it the colour changes to red and I am spitting next to him watching him stir
    Please can you help me find the meaning

    • As I've already said, Salat al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams. Dreams are unreliable. They often simply express our own inner fears or wishes.

      Wael Editor

  • AOA i did istakhara to know whether certain person is right for me or not? I like someone and dont he likes me or not or he is meant to be mine or am i on the right path to know this I did istakhara to seek guidence from Allah to guide me whether its good or not. I saw in my dream 1st that i am playing with my class fellows certain game and then i saw that i go into some room where i saw three bridal pictures of mine . In 2 pictures i was with someone but i didnt saw his face in 3rd picture it was only me n i was bride in all the pics and i was very happy to see pictures. and i was saying that wow i am looking very pretty and different and was very happy.
    I want to know what does this dream mean is there any meaning hidden in this for me what i should do

  • I am talking to a guy fir amlost five months from online dating. I did istikhara many times about him. I saw many dreams many times. Couple times when i did istikhara he text me and told me he is confused what to do about marrage. last night i dreamed that im walking on a mad street many abstces come to my way one of them that i remember is a man with a long wooden white stairs . I still keep walking. I see a sister and vrother has come to this way to see my dating guy too afteri see my date has change his dress to red and i tap his shoulder he hand shakes with me and start walking with me to the country i live

    • Don't pay attention to these dreams. There is no way to extract meaning or guidance from a dream like this. Salat al-Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream interpretation.

      Wael Editor

      • Assalalamu alaykum what about if we did istikharah and other ppl we have not spoken for long time have a dream about us that seems relevant and call us and tell us? These ppl have no idea about the istikharah

  • Thank you Wael brother!
    I think I didnt ask the question properly. I read your comnents saying about dreams.
    I mean In my case I keep praying my interest and intentions are toward this guy. But he keeps telling me he is confused. I have other people around when i do istikhara i get no interest to them. Im scared if im waiting for nothing . Should i folloow my heart or..

    • If he's telling you he's confused, then forget him. You don't want someone who is confused about whether he wants to be with you. You want someone who knows clearly that you are the one.

      Wael Editor

  • Thank you so much for the advices and help. Thank you for using your islamic knowledge to help people like me who is living in non islamic country and my first language isnt Arabic. جزاک الله خير ، Allah reward you jana

  • I saw flag of Pakistan in isthkhara dream.
    What does it mean???

  • Salam wael , I know you repeatedly said we shouldn't believe everything we see in our dreams , that istikhara is based on beyond that and not just dreams, but I would still urgently like to know , that Eveeyone around me or many around me, believe I shouldn't be with this man,for many reason as for he doesn't have a stable job yet , and still trying to make it through work wise and finding solution , we are still young 23/24 , but we wanted to get engaged , but because he can't support me financially , and his family can't support financially as well, he needs to work on his own , and we have come along way in three years , and it's only the job thing left , I don't believe we shouldn't be together , bkhaf Allah, and truly loves me, I can't see myself with anyone better, netu safyeh in other words , he did istikhara and saw that we were on the phone and I was crying and on the phone some people were saying leave him, leave him. I just worry if that's what we should do and leave , and when we did, it just didn't make sense to me , like it doesn't feel right . I don't know what to believe and what to do. Please give me your opinion .

  • A.A dear sister first of all you have to communicate with your husband that whether he has spoken these words talaq talaq talaq regarding u or not may be someone else sent u these divorce papers there are many misconceptions about depends that whether he has given u divorce or not.divorce in written form is not acceptable in islam.cause according to hadees any projection or thinking in a persons mind is meant that u divorced it you should speak clearly.and 2nd thing is that you should do istakhara by yourself.and 3rd thing is that there is big clash in between fiqa s according to deoband and baraivli fiqa 3 talaqs in 1 sitting and person divorced and according ahle hadees and fiqa jafaria 3 talaqs in 1 sitting is not divorced it is considered only 1.there are many things in do it by yourself.and do this niat that whether it is right to stay with my husband or not is it my husband any more or not.if you will see any white or green colour it means it is positive sign if black or red it means it is negative.and further you have to ask your husband 1rst and then any mufti but as i said there are many mufti s who say different it depends to which fiqa he belongs.

  • Assalamu alaikum..... I prayed isthikhara to know wether a certain person is good for me or not.... I lyk dis certain person nd he also lyks me Bt am confused... As my family members are opposing it.... I am confused wether i shud stand for him or not.... And i had a strange dream on the frst day itself... I saw a white liquid flowing on the ground bt i felt it was dirty and was running away from it.... What does it mean?? Am really confused

    • Shyma, do what feels right to you in your heart, and trust that Allah is guiding you. Istikhara is not dependent on dreams or colors in dreams.

      Wael Editor

  • I offered istakhara prayer for seeing whether school, LGS, is better for admission of my daughter in class 7. I dreamed that there is a very beautiful green frock but it wasnt the size of my daughter. In another dream I saw 2 white dogs running after me. I want to know the meaning of these dreams to know whether the school, LGS, is better or not.

    • Istikhara is not based on dreams, or the images in dreams, or the colors seen in dreams. It is merely a prayer to Allah to guide you to that which is best for you, and protect you from that which is harmful. After praying Istikhara you should make the choice that you feel is right, and trust that Allah is responding to your prayer by guiding you to what is good.

      Wael Editor

  • I am a civil Engineer.I live in Sydney .I am having two kids .I had applied for PhD scholarship last year ,but did not get it. then luckily I got a professional job. but now after one year I have received a mail that in one place I offered a PhD scholarship. This university is in another city, we settle here well, difficult to make a decision for me to start PhD or not because its a full time commitment.

    My mother did istakhara for me. she seen a dream that she is sick having flu, not able to work and rest on bed and another women working in her place.

    Could you please tell what its mean.

  • My daughter had done isthikhara for her marriage.....we were confused between two her dream she saw that in her exam answer paper pics of both the boys were there and one pic was marked correct and another was marked as wrong...
    What does her dream means can anybody explain?

  • i read isteqhara for my marriage with the person i know and every night i saw a dream of others marriage.
    What does it mean can anuone please explain it would be great help.
    Thank you.

    • Amreen, istikhara is not dependent on dreams or images in dreams. It is a request to Allah that if the thing is good for you, to make it happen, and if it is bad for you, to keep it away. After you pray Istikhara, you should make the decision that feels right in your heart, and trust that Allah is guiding you to the best choice. Don't worry about the dreams.

      Wael Editor

  • mene sobah nmaz pad ke me soyi or sapna dekha mashaallah first time usme dekha ki kakdi ugi or kisi ne tod diya use or mene use firse uthake zameen me fit kar diya or mom or mene hm dono ne use firse bo diya mekhus ho gyi barish chalu thi iska kya matlb nikalu?riste ke liye me wazifa kar rhi hu or pr koi bat age bd rhi nhi

  • Assalamualaikum ! Me ne Apne test dene ke date k leye diya tha k start k Jo dates ha wo teek ha ya nhe mene ak brhe green chilli yne k mirch brha sa jis k andr wo mirche seeds zyada nhe hothe ya wo zyada Mirchi nhe hotha kindly mere leye sae thabeer bthay .....

  • i did istikhara for my abroad studies and than dreamed about a man wearing white clothes and a green cap and he was offering fajar namaz.

    i did istikhara again yesterday and i dreamed of rice water what does that mean

    • Ameera, contrary to what most people think, istikhara is not dependent on dreams or dream images. After praying istikhara, you should make the best decision you can, and trust that Allah is guiding you to what is good.

      Wael Editor

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