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How can I become regular in 5 daily prayers?

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Prayer is a powerful tool


Can u tell me how to make good habit for praying 5 times?

I don't get time to pray all the five times due to my study and other work.

Plz reply me,

- Kiya.

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  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum Sister Kiya,

    I think your situation is not very clear for me to see what would be best for you. Perhaps, someone who has understood you better should respond to you InshaAllah.

    As I know the lesser time to complete each salah could be 5 minutes x 5 = 25 minutes spent each day for Salah. I don't know if you are saying that you work and study throughout the day, and that it's not easy for you to find the 25 minutes to pray, or you are saying you feel tied when it's time for each salah due to the stresses.

    In any case, you should seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan and from laziness, especially when it's time for each salah.

    You may also want to watch the below you-tube videos about how the collage student brother overcame the whisper of Shaitaan and he went to pray, while the Shaitaan became the loser.

    Though it may look a bit scary, so be prepared to watch it. Perhaps it may motivate you in someway.

    May Allah help you.

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Modern life is busy for all of us, with many pressures - exams, long work hours, family commitments... - and new temptations (eg. social networking). As such it's easy for people to feel they have no time for prayer, or to feel like a failure due to missing a prayer and then be less motivated to pray on time in future.

    Ultimately, though, what we need to do is no different than what our brothers and sisters have done throughout history - we need to prioritise prayer in our lives, and adapt our lifestyles rather than compromising our faith.

    I'll list a few bits of advice here, which might help you...
    1. Study the significance of daily prayer in Islam - it's hard to prioritise something if you don't appreciate how important it is.
    2. If you have a smartphone, set it to alert you to prayer times (you can get apps for this, some of which will even have a compass to direct you to Qibla).
    3. Try to pray as soon as your alarm or alert lets you know its time to pray - just like hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock, the longer you delay your prayer, the less likely you are to do it on time.
    4. If you know in advance that you may not be able to pray a prayer on time (eg. a surgeon can't leave an operating theatre mid-operation), rather than feeling a failure and giving up on keeping your other prayers on time, commit to praying as soon as you can - this shouldn't be a regular thing, but exceptional circumstances do happen.
    5. If you are missing prayers because you can't get to a mosque at prayer times, then pray at home, or at work, or wherever you can find. People can pray in parks, in restaurants, in airports, on trains, in hospital on-call rooms... Basically, wherever you find yourself and feel able to focus on your prayers. If you can't find somewhere where you feel comfortable, why not set up a prayer room? When I started in a previous job, there wasn't a separate prayer room, so a couple of my colleagues and I approached the management and arranged one - it wasn't fancy, but it was clean and private, and we were able to have separate spaces for brothers and sisters. Most colleges will have a Muslim Students' Society, so they might be able to tell you more about prayer room facilities.
    6. Try to have regular reminders of Islam in your life at other times as well - read Quran regularly, ensure you have pious friends who will encourage you to practise, avoid haraam activities, follow Islamic guidance on lifestyle.
    7. As has already been mentioned, daily prayers can be completed in as little as 25-30 minutes. Many people will spend at least that much time checking their phone, looking at social networking sites, watching TV, procrastinating about other things... If you cut down on even one non-productive activity by half an hour per day, that's immediately creating time that can be re-allocated to create time to pray. Time could also be made be making more efficient use of "empty" time such as a commute to and from work, to get tasks completed (eg. if I'm driving for half an hour to and from work, that's an extra hour in which I can listen to study material or work-related podcasts, and if I'm taking public transport, I can do some reading or work online).

    It can be hard to get into the habit of praying regularly, and it's easy to get disheartened when we fall short in our efforts to fulfil our obligations, but with some dedication and work, inshaAllah you should find it achievable. Once you get into the habit, the benefits from regular prayer will act as additional motivation to keep you trying.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Asalamalaikum,

    we all struggle to keep up with prayers. it can be hard but if you overcome the hardship the gratification you get from pleasing your Lord and defeating your nafs and shaitan is what that will bring you back to next prayer.

    so the key is that offer prayers as many as you can . if they are Qada( over due) ones then ofer them later .personally I hate it so much when i have offer prayers later but that guilt gives me strength to offer next prayer on time.

    I work in a shift pattern, some times shifts are 12 hrs and night shifts too. work is extremely busy. first i used to make all the excuses in the world to not offer prayers.... like there is no water for wudu nearby. i dont have my scar nearby. too many people in the changing oom to cant offer prayers here. the floor doesnot look very clean. what if someone find me not at my desk. etc etc etc.

    i still struggle but a lot better than before. the key is not to think twice. when its salah time just do it. there is nothing to think about. start with offerring fard only. keep conversating with Allah in between salah then you will find it more defficult to delay. like for instance when iam walking in between corridors between one task to the other instead of talking to yourself , talk to Allah it will help.

    May Alah make it easy for you.Ameen

  4. it takes self dicipline to abide by the five daily prayers which are the prime reasons for our existence on earth....the worship of Allah. All other things do not matter, they are optional extras. So the next time its prayer time remember this ; Allah would not seek to know how much of a good academic you were on earth but rather would seek to know whether you worshipped Him as required for it is the only reason for which we are created.

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