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assalamu alaikum

i was blessed with a girl but a pre mature and she died after two days. Now that its been a year we are trying to conceive but in vain. can you plz suggest if i can offer salaatul haajat to conceive or if there is any other dua in my case. plz advice.

Allah Hafiz


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  1. Wsalam Ahlam,
    Yes, you can offer salatul Hajaat to ask Allah SWT for whatever you desire and make Dua to Him.
    Why was your first one premature? Any medical issues? I suggest that you also visit a doctor to rule out any health issues you might be facing which caused a premature delivery.
    May Allah SWT grant you offspring that is the coolness of your eyes, Ameen!

  2. Dearest sister ahlam,

    You say:

    "can you plz suggest if i can offer salaatul haajat to conceive..."

    Yes, this prayer is a great idea! Through this prayer, Allah will definitely help you in one way or another, whether it is to conceive now or give you patience to conceive at a later time. As an example, one of my friends recently went through a very trying period trying to conceive for a long time, and eventually tried IVF treatments (which may be option for you if you continue having difficulty.) Just today, she found out that she is not just having a baby, but she is having triplets MashaAllah!

    May Allah bless you with hope, joy, and happiness.



  3. for how many days to offer salaatul haajat to conceive

    • Naaz, dua' doesn't work that way. There is no set formula or guaranteed response. You pray, and Allah will grant you what He wills, and what is best for you, in the time that He chooses.

      Wael Editor

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